Its becoming a women's world!

More women are reasoning and seeing that America's long overdue for having our first woman president, and all I can say is: YAY and Finally!
Enough said except for the logical reasoning of even women in the GOP are having reality checks with their selves and making correct decisions not based on party, but on who is the sanest to handle the job, add in experience and a Hubby who will be a sound sounding board with extreme personal experience, first hand, and we got ourselves a win, win future AMERICA!

Moving on... not too far.

And now the pendulum has swung the other way here in the good ole USA, even though we have been out in the world we all must admit that how we treat, pay and respect our fifty-two percenters has been horrid and I am a member of that never silent majority. (At least as long as I have been alive.)
We can never ever be called second class citizens ever again.
Once the pay becomes equitable then we will be fully equal, and I am pretty darn sure that having a female president might be helpful on that forefront too.
All of my gender should realize another swelling of legal aspects making sure that we will be treated as all others shall be determining to allow ourselves to do anything to succeed without any glass ceiling at all!
Not just those eighteen million cracks of 2008, but a removal of the glass altogether!
Upward and onward for all!
Now to all my pals of my gender whom have not found any issues throughout their lives, good for you!
But remember some of us have had difficulties with establishing our rights and so this is why we must unite and help one another.

Love to all, be well, blessings!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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