Politics, Sex and Religion!

My title topics were considered taboo to discuss in conversation not too long ago, while I was growing up in fact, okay that was a long while ago, which seems silly in todays' culture. Polite people did not talk about any of that.
And these days it appears to be all we discuss, true?
In a way it is very good, but in other ways it is hard to maintain a non-emotional calm discourse while getting our points across on any of those still hot button materials of real life issues.
That said, we as a smaller world and one that has found openness in so many other ways must, by now, have found a way to actually say what we mean without shame.
Although, at times this has proven to be outlandish, hurtful, extreme and without restraint in content.
Yes, I do know, what many have been thinking, where has the politeness gone in society, and civility?
Sure most have thrown caution to the wind, and it has splatted back in many a face!
As the multitudes would agree should be in so many cases, ha.
Balance, as in anything in life as should our irreverent takes on life be portrayed, most believe that the world and its people are decent, and that aberrations are thankfully infrequent anomalies.
And I do think that too.

What amazes me is that other topics are still not openly discussed, as health, death, or I am sure there are things that you too have tried to slip into a somewhat bland conversation and you could nearly hear the person cringing from what you were trying hard to say with just trying to engage them in a response on the uncommon topic you found interesting, right?
I bet I am right, hmm?

Any-who, my tonight's blog title was written as much to entice as to discuss.
Now that I am closing in on my eighth year anniversary, within seven days, yes next Saturday, I wanted to adjust my soliloquy of writings to perhaps interesting more of you to read my concepts.

I have found that the political conversation has given more attention to some than to others, and sex is something we all openly respect and speak of, and since religion can be average or extreme it has taken the forefront in so much these days, and that is why I have decided to delve into other things; that is once I find out what that will be.

Love to all, be well, peace, and blessings!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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