Happy Father's Day?

To not all.
I was lucky that I had a wonderful Father, some have not had males in their lives good or bad, but Mothers who did double duty caring for them, taking on both roles as well as Fathers doing it, vice versa.
Families come in all shapes, sizes and as we were reminded once again all genders with being in charge of parental guidance, and so I wonder if having Mother's Day and Father's Day, and most recently Grandparents Day, why not just instead have Parents Day? We now call legal marital unions spouses, simplified, seriously.
Sure it's not as profitable for the card companies, but it is all encompassing, true?

Then there are families far from one another who physically cannot celebrate together, but they are there in spirit, as well as the fact that some parents have passed on, hopefully just our older folks, but we all know the wake up calls we have received lately with too many young people being taken before their prime.
War and illness, not with standing, I meant all the violence too.
Hard for those children to celebrate.

And so when there are parents of all genders and ages, or even guardians for children then they are also entitled to have a day dedicated to them as well, true?
So specifying a particular parent seems so twentieth century; let's try to be more sensitive to more familia styles and become more accepting.

I declare a day set aside yearly, although every day should be "parents" day since if they are dong it right they should be acknowledged daily, but for rationale, between the first Sunday in May and the third Sunday in June would be fair, okay?
Get back to me on that.

Love to all, be well, peace, and blessings!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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