Talk to me

I am quite a conversationalist, although you may not get a word in edgewise, ha!
Sure I have a problem, but so do too many of you do too, stay with me here in spite of those shocking allegations that are not meant to be mean spirited.
No, it is true we all do have a problem with not always getting our point across.
Communication skills to work appropriately should be give and take, in other words someone starts the conversation and says something engaging another person then waits to hear/listen to what they have to say.
How many, including yourself claim to be good listeners, truly?
It has been my observation over the years that many people are talkers while others are just listeners.
Sorry about the just, but listening is a rare commodity and in some ways I think too many "listeners", do it to be polite, or because they do not know when to interject, or feel they have nothing of value to say, and that's just an opinion of mine.
As a very young woman believe it or not I was "THE LISTENER" that everyone told everything to, and after years of being the world's listening board I began to feel used, and underestimated, but I was loved due to my kindness of being so understanding and generous in taking the time to be there for anyone who "used" my ears to tell amazing tales to!
Funny thing happened, one day I decided to turn the tables on one of my loving admirers and found out that no one wanted to "listen" to me, aha!
You know something once you start being chatty though I found it difficult to stop/turn it off, and so that is how we got here!
Talking or I should say writing a blog is great for us chatty peeps, since here it is one sided, and I know anyone who reads this is somewhere out there, or not! This is one of those times you can take it for granted or not. BIG SMILE INSERTED HERE.

So in conclusion balance is what makes the world go round, except when you teach a class, or are in management or any other necessary type job that you must be listened to with minimal interruptions of course...

Love to all, be well, blessings!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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