Question to self, "...if it is not doing anything marginally good, is it worth continuing?"
Answer, "I don't know!?." I do know the words, "baby steps", are replaying in my head. Although, leaving the house in the heat even for just moments going from air-conditioning and out of it does seem to take a toll on me, spasm wise.
Next question to self, "How do you stop hackers from going into your emails?"
I just changed my password as was recommended by my email address. I had forty-two mailer daemons when I came home from PT, and I never emailed anyone! I deleted them all without opening them and so now I do not know to whom they all were trying to go to.
PS if you have received anything odd from me via email, it was not me! I rarely email these days and when I do it is not usually odd, anymore... ha!
Question, " Is semi-intelligent political opinionated commentary something that we all should share?"
Answer, "Why not? This is America! So right or wrong gives all of us that ability to state what we think within reason, not inciting to riot or being a racist or such, oh wait one candidate does do that, but still no in my book! Although, this is America and damn it he can do that!"

Enough of that!

Moving on...

I am obsessed again with more shows on that streaming Netflix, and it is a BIG WOW!
Again I was foolish not to get this all those times before I was offered it free for a month with my other new techno devices and so reasonable to continue at $7.99 a month!
And of course me the dummy did not get it that it works even on my computer or I suppose the phone as well?
Now Hubby can enjoy regular TV or other Netflix shows in the living room, while I can too with my laptop and TV in the bedroom lying down, oh miracle of miracles!
So I was slow on the uptake, not the first time, nothing new there, hmm?

I will end here for tonight.
Love to all, be well, blessings!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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