Damned if you do, damned if you don't...

...fertilize your lawn.
Many cities in our country, perhaps the world with water as a premium commodity and the necessity of the cleanliness of natural water ways and absolute to maintain we have laws in place to protect them.
Locally, years ago they made it illegal to fertilize lawns during the rainy season due to runoff into drains that run into canals and directly into the waterways to the harbor and out to the Gulf.
High nitrogen is a direct issue with it causing algae blooms; disclaimer non high nitrogen or even natural forms of fertilizing, except ammonia of course are acceptable during the season.
So there is a season to fertilize and then not to.
The time to is from December first to May thirty-first that you can, just before our hurricane/rainy season and just after, June first to November thirtieth that you cannot, simple, hmm?
But many do not do it, due to the same ones who negate the warnings during droughts to STOP watering all together, hmm we all know who those people are, don't we?
But this high nitrogen issue has been around for years and years as well as our days for watering too, whether drought or not determines smart use of your water and common sense by now most would think.
For years in New Jersey we were in the sprinkler business and had added rain gauges with our systems, simple micro switch that turned them off when it determined it was raining or had rained enough not to need to put on the system. On the other coast of Florida they were in the process of putting in a reclaimed water system in the 1990's, which would make reuse of grey water, smart and efficient. There we had just a shallow well for our sprinklers, in NJ we had an artesian one, but here they felt our water table, aquifer, was too high and so in the eighteen years we have been here it is the first home that we have not had a sprinkler system, and so we have used nature to supplement our expensive city water system, oddly enough the highest priced usage in our state and of our sixty-seven counties here in Florida. So when NOT in rainy season and still get rain in our forecasts that is when I used to, now Hubby goes out to spread the weed and feed, and Hubby did it again yesterday for our last time out of the rainy season. The rain was supposed to come yesterday, and now today but so far nothing, still waiting, noisy but nothing yet, irony, hmm?

Moving on...

The shower install is looking great, but still being worked on, Hubby fortunately had leftover white tiles from the original floor 16" X 16" white ceramic enough to fill the floor where the old shower insert was in the room and he had to spend quite a bit of time removing the partials that surrounded it, but now will be whole tiles up to the entrance of where the marble entry and floor into the shower begins and flows into the newer design. If we hadn't enough left we had seen spill type concepts that flow into the room of the new tile into the old which were an interesting way to handle the change over, but this one luckily will work better. They no longer make this tile anymore, we found out when we removed the white carpet from the last room we had wanted to continue it in years ago and had to decide on the marble then. Hubby had just enough for the bathroom and where he will be widening the two door openings with larger wider doors very soon too, cutting it close with only seven full and then several cut offs. We definitely realize now the importance of saving some from whatever project you might be doing. Our original main room floors were done with this tile after Hurricane Charley had water logged and buckled our new wood floors that had been recently installed way back then in the early 2000s with our first renovations before the hurricane.
Any-who we had chosen tile to not have to worry about that happening again, although we had carpeted the bedrooms and later realized with our puppy Skipper that white carpeting was a BIG mistake, duh!

So now our smarter choices, and more durable ones are  throughout our home. At first our attaining the same tiles were not a problem until the guestroom; then they had been discontinued no matter how we had tried to get them all over the net too back then.
After all the tile in the house next door were the only part of that home left after the hurricane blew it away!

Love to all, be well, blessings.

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

And remember our soldiers who gave their lives for our freedoms, and the ones serving now continuing that privilege for us all.

PS: This just in: THE RAIN IS HERE NOW, YAY!
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