Geez, a realization just went through my subtle brain...

... it has been nearly eight years, next month on June 25, it will be, since I begun this experiment of cohesiveness in stick-to-it-ness to trying to care enough to go on without boring myself with lacking the concern for boring others by trial and error compositions daily without rhyme or distinct reasoning doodah of whatever this has been and become, got that?
So you think that is a mouthful, well no arguing from me.
I must admit that for some one of my mediocre intelligence and issues with recalling formal grammar, to be frank I do believe that it has gone considerably well.
My adventures in making all you grammar Nazis cringe has been my pleasure!
Redundancy as well as Norm Crosby's malapropisms were never intentional, but very many have spewed forth when I least expected them to come through.
And oh yes, let's not forget my ending sentences with all those prepositions.
I must be a daily rattling to too many to actually know fans of teaching whatnot to do to their students, hmm?  
All I can say is to all of you is that I am happy to oblige!
Most of my readers, oh let's make that many, rather stay anonymous for reasons that one can only guess or I suspect to be their own whys and wherefores, embarrassment, ashamed, who knows really, since they NEVER EVER say, to much to my chagrin, not really!
Fear is a great equalizer!
If they were to come from out of the woodwork my ability to speak may very well become suppressed. "Oh dear", I hear you all saying in unison, not really, since this medium form is totally one sided.
Any-who, oh how I love to wander with my thoughts hither and yon.
Safe in my environment.
Out spoken as all get out!
Offender of many, nah, make that quite a few.
Without an obligation, actually a fear, to get feedback.
A one sided wonder.
No wonder when I do speak to actual people I always get the last word in no matter what the backlash... oh no, did I just open a can of worms?

It has been nice spending this time with all of you so far and I truly hope that anything that I have said tonight has not turned off your viewing future pleasure, anywhere, even here.
Please continue.
I will no matter what your thoughts might be.

Love to all, be well, blessings.

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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