How many of you out there turn off your sound on your techno device(s)?
I do, most of the time.
And I will tell you why, because of what just happened to me due to me NOT turning it off just now.
Those pop-up commercials are so very loud and annoying! When I started to write tonight one just popped up in the lower left hand corner here on my laptop and made me jump nearly off the bed!
To me it is just easier to turn the sound back on for anything I actually would want to hear, and I had forgotten to turn it off apparently.
Did you notice that even some sites warn you to turn it on before so, of course you do, silly me, so that they can better inform you, ha?

Moving on...

Yesterday's exhaustive painful experience has subsided.
And if you must know I was made to stand holding onto even parallel bars, for a few moments, not minutes and made to do heal and foot stretches while back in my ride.
My spasms continue in frequency according to air temperature whether indoors or out, as well as movement requested of me, and the fluctuations in each situation.
Gosh, what a wuss I appear to be to you and to me, although my gyrations are unsettling for all others who witness them as well as myself. 
Yep, the dance of the type that is NOT choreographed, sadly, miserably, thy name is spasm.
I truly thought that all the physical therapy would be helpful, with many objectives in reasoning, in preventing too early onset of atrophy, energizing me, perhaps even dealing with this ridiculous burning twisting pain that I still have even with the increase in medications of 1200mg. of the Gabapentin and 60 mg. of the Baclofen, so far it has not helped any of those aforementioned issues too much really. I have been having therapy again now for nearly two months counting the in-home OT, occupational therapy and PT, physical therapy, I suppose I am once again an impatient patient.
Oh well...
Just thought that I owed you all an explanation for last night's blog shorty or not.

Today, I got some laundry done, miraculously, while Hubby continues to work on the shower space that looks fantastic so far! The three and half walls have all been fully tiled with the white subways and grouted too now, the marble bench seat is also completed as well as the subway tiles that surround its base; all looks great!
Pictures hopefully to come.

Love to all, be well, blessings.

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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