Knowing one's self

Does one ever truly know?
Sure I am getting up there in age; actually rounding out around that last quarter turn, as my numeric age indicates.
But if we, as myself always changes, thankfully; how could we, that is know us, ourselves?
Sometimes I am like a stranger to me and that is good.
Oh what I mean is that I have surprised myself doing things that I had feared on another occasion, plunging forth with a positive interest and open mindedness and braveness, yes very brave.
Not so much recently, but in my colorful past.
On days when I make an honest effort to forget about this drab commonly very quiet existence I can recall the days when things were exciting and at times hectic and very often crazy!
And that makes me feel better.
Don't get me wrong, quiet and uneventful has its good points.
One thing is great is that even now I feel that I have not stagnated, which is good too.
My curiosity has been enhanced these last several years with more time to explore.
Sure I am not going out as I once had with travel, but yet we have, here and there, a little bit.
No what I mean is utilizing all the mediums that allow us to learn whatever our true interests are.
I say that I Google, but Hubby says that we research.
The realization that access is infinite is quite incredible.
No more guessing, although even way back when I wasn't the type to guess more the kind to find out the actual truth or answer.

Moving on...

One thing I am still learning to do is to listen to my body.
And mine is telling me that I am done with this for now.

Love to all, be well, blessings!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear! 

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