Happy Anniversary to me!

Today is my eighth year of writing this dribble!
Ta Da!

Moving on...

So around eleven A.M. Hubby goes to me how about going out today just for the fun of it?
And I said yes!
But going out is going in for us to the no events planned venue of the Cultural Center, but we had a lunch, since we actually left here around eleven thirty once we decided to do something after Hubby trimmed some more foliage and I dusted the living room.
Any-who, after our lunch at the Cultural Center we perused their shops that are all either thrift, second hand or crafty or antiques. And in the one we donated our couch to, the second hand one, I looked at their frames, but decided we have enough, always a good buy there at about a dollar or two, instead I found about a foot long metal sculptured fish to add into my collection that I already had of three pairs that already are hanging in the bathroom of the larger shower conversion. Had those other fish for over a decade actually.
This newest one needed some TLC, but at a dollar fifty, yep you heard that right I felt it was a good investment, since we have more wall to fill above the tile, just below the ceiling height.
After we left the CC, Hubby asked me where I would like to go, and I suggested Fisherman's Village AKA Fishville.
We hadn't been in some time.
It is true it is NOT indoors, but it is in a shaded covered to the shops situation, so I thought we could try, and we did, in and out of air-conditioned shops to now search for just one more fish!
It was also a test for me in maneuverability with my new ride and so long as I used the indoor lowest speed while wiggling through the glass object filled shelves I was Superwoman and stealth in my ability not to damage a thing in my way!
But I also did not find the additional fish to add to my collection at a price that I felt comfortable with, you see they used to have sales out of season, but there is no such thing anymore they told me!
Winter had been considered "the" season, but now it is all year round!  
And as you may have guessed that after about two hours I became quite overheated and so we left and came home.
My tummy hurt and even the soup, that lobster bisque that Hubby made for our dinner, my favorite, I could not eat.

Love to all, be well, peace, and blessings!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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