...the day after my not too prominent fan fared eighth anniversary of my hacking of this blog, web log, no cake and no candles was eaten or seen, boo hoo.
And not even one noise maker!
Not even one congrats!
Okey, dokey now and so now I shall move on...

Some days seem to me to not be so exciting.
Like today for instance.
I was pretty much streaming the TV show NCIS, over the last few days whenever; I'm up to nearly the end of season three, they have twelve seasons on Netflix. So that will probably take me into next week.

Sure I do other stuff too, but in between I watch this catch up from long ago starting in 2003, and the show is still on today, not today, but Tuesday night's are the new ones, but in the summer all repeats like most all others, shows that is.
I do not recall the year we actually started watching the show, probably only a few years ago, so the old shows were truly new to me and Hubby too.

Although, he has found some old BAD movies to watch, he has said not well made in that reference.
Though he has shown interest in catching up on the older NCIS shows.
What I like is the familiar faces on many of the older NCIS shows, from Zac Ephron, to two that are now regulars on my other show that I do enjoy Bones; TJ Thyne who plays Jack Hodgins, and Tamara Taylor who plays Camille Saroyan.

I did complete my streaming of their show about a week ago, ten years worth; they too are still on with new shows even during the summer on Thursdays!
Now that I have established my viewing pleasures with you, I am more than sure some of you out there too have found periodically, throughout your lives, to do similar watching with what may seem boring to others, hmm?
Many of my friends have confessed to just that!
Of course it is just another form of escapism.
And who doesn't need a bit of that on occasion?

I have been a regular how-to show lover from early on most of all PBS shows, many are still on, but not as regularly.

Oh and of course the news...
Send love and prayers to our fellow Americans on both coasts enduring nature's wrath with horrendous devastating fires and floods!

Love to all, be well, peace, and blessings!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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