Thirty years goes so very fast...

So much has happened good and bad over these last thirty years, and I am more than sure all of you over that ripe old age of thirty can agree.
My Father passed away May 11, 1986 at the age of seventy-nine and three and three quarter months old, clarified on January 27, 1907 he was born.
Yes, he was forty-three when I was born due to he and my Mom being on their second marriages.
He had been a young widower at just thirty-three and my Mom was a divorcee of twenty-nine when they married, but I did not arrive until ten years later.
My Mom had a nine year old son, harder to have me the second child, mom needed some type of surgery, but Dad had none, no children previously, since his first wife had a heart condition that did take her life at the too young life of just twenty-nine while swimming, doing her favorite thing.

My Dad was a self employed business man from the age of nineteen, but had worked from the age of nine from peddling papers to delivering candy and so many more things, he had a convenience type grocery store then called Irving's Dairy in 1926-1945, his family helped him in it, since he was the middle of five children. He helped put his younger brother through law school, after he had tried it for six months going to law school himself and decided that it wasn't for him. After having the little grocery for nineteen years his cousins and his brother the attorney as well as a first cousin also an attorney along with another cousin not in the law profession all four of them went into partnership in a bowling alley/ bar/ night club/ restaurant/ snack bar called the Eclipse in Hasbrouck Heights NJ and that was again for another nineteen years 1946-1965 after two of the partners passed away, my uncle and the other cousin, dad retired.

Dad tried for six months to be a "retired" person, but he drove my Mom crazy with his antsy-ness and so he went to  temp agency Snelling and Snelling and got interesting different jobs for a few months at a time. Although, before he started this Paper Lion type lifestyle, he chose to take Mom and me on a trip of a lifetime, cross country and back, stopping at forty states and every national park and point of interest that America had to offer, and that was eight weeks long in the summer of 1965, a volatile time since every major city we left race riots began...

So much of this ongoing story to tell and I do believe I will continue tomorrow, okay?
I sadly got a late start due to technical difficulties that Hubby rectified thankfully, but I am emotionally drained.
Meet me back here tomorrow, okay?


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