My Dad continued

A wonderful man, who even though he worked very hard and until I was fifteen he worked everyday except one Sunday a month until when he sold the Eclipse. He made sure Mom and I had whatever we needed or wanted, and we always were able to go to the Catskills at anytime and stay at the all inclusive hotels Kosher food three meals a day with everything from golf to indoor/outdoor swimming pools and ice skating rinks and nightly amazing up and coming singers comedians and musicians etc.. I recall trips during the fall, winter or spring for the holidays and of course when school was out/closed.
When a college student I was told if I made the Dean's list, which I had I would be gifted the continuing educational program to go to Europe and so I did, thanks Mom and Dad.
Thus my travels in 1969 to seven countries in Europe flying from country to country and staying at fine hotels and also included in that package of this charter flight for all twenty-five of us girls supervised by our History of Art professor and his wife Dr. and Mrs. Krieger visiting all points of interest as well as Couture Houses, a wonderful experience, Shannon/Dublin Ireland, London England, Edinburgh/St. Andrews Scotland, Paris France, Amsterdam Holland, Barcelona Spain, Lisbon/Estoril Portugal. (I had been to Canada as a ten year old with my parents and my Aunt Rose and my father's father Grandpa Abe and we visited both sides of Niagara Falls then.)
Those forty states and the American experience that I had the pleasure of seeing with my parents four years prior to this grown up one without them made me capable of opening my mind to understand things so much better worldwide and appreciate my home too.

Back to that slight cliffhanger that I left you all with and all those riots breaking out after we left major cities from NYC to LA, the civil rights movement was in full force and many stupid people were not happy with the changes that would mean for all people to finally have the equality they so rightly deserved!
So of course harsh realities of violence in major cities arose from the conflicts of people who could not admit that it was right and allow this rightfully long time coming change for all people to be recognized as equal, there always seems to be some who do not want to understand and care enough to love every human being as an equal...Oddly enough that summer of 1965 every BIG city we left, coincidently the riots just so happen to break out after we left them, named "race riots", due to hatred of the change that had to occur for all of us to be human beings and equal, get it? So at that age of fifteen I began my interest, real interest in seeing the news casts on TV or reading the newspapers, yep a little slower than most, but I did want to know everything then and since, and why was there so much hatred for change, and people just because of the color of their skin, more real to me than the history books were, it was happening now and where I had just been to, and it caused real emotions, I was deeply saddened and even though I was horrified I was learning everyday and found myself needing to know more.

Moving on...

I have still been having PT, physical therapy with Eileen at home, last Friday and Tuesday, today and also tomorrow, but then I will be going to a facility for out patient PT. My chair will be here tomorrow afternoon, my motorized wheelchair that is.
But don't worry MS, Multiple sclerosis, patients live as long as everyone else but their quality of life diminishes due to physical disabilities, but I also know that not being able to get up from a sitting position is a death sentence so I am trying hard to make sure that I can!
PT will continue to make sure of that.
Hubby is moving right along with our accessible shower he says by the weekend he will be putting up our choice of subway tiles, yay!

That is it for tonight folks and Hubby just said dinner is in less than ten minutes so I gotta go!
Love to all, be well, blessings.
And next time be here or be square, ya hear!

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