I am in my high tech motorized chair

Fancy and sensitive.
Pretty cobalt blue too!
The seat  tilts all the way back!
The head rest and arm rests are adjusted for me as well as the calf pads and feet rests, and yes there is a seatbelt as nice as a cars type.
I am in a high tech highly functioning mobility chair that looks futuristic in design.
We are so off schedule with the whole fitting and demo taking a few hours we haven't even eaten yet!
I did get to go out the front door and it was very nice being able to...
Tell you more tomorrow and perhaps a PIC or two if I can figure out how to upload.
Hubby went to pick up dinner.
Love to all, be well, blessings.
And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

PS I think I should run a contest to give it a nick name, maybe?
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