I know in my heart learning something new daily...

... is a good thing, right?
Sadly, I did learn previously how to upload PICS years ago and it always worked before on our old PC, but so far it has not been working on this laptop anymore, it did in the beginning, so no PICS of my Permobil power wheelchair, no PIC of me smiling on mine, sorry, mine is blue. Oh and according to my chair guy Rick; mine is 100% covered by insurance!


Oh another thing my chair guy, Rick, had just been up in good ole New Jersey delivering a new one to a snowbird who winter's here down south of us in Bonita Springs, south of here, and summer's in their other home in Tom's River, next door to where we moved from in Lacey Township, Bamber Lake NJ, back in 1986.

So I bet you can guess what I have been doing all day long, yep!
Sleeping? No, just a nap though.
I was maneuvering my new transport system in the house and learning my ride!
Don't worry I have not destroyed a thing, yet!
Rick set it on the slowest turtle setting, a "1", and Hubby is making sure I adhere to it, for now anyway, although that setting is preferable indoors.
I found it quite interesting that my old scooter also had its slow and fast adorably called actually the same thing with pictures of a tortoise and the hare, AKA turtle vs. rabbit, and we all know that slow and steady wins the race, true?

Moving on...

No crowded places yet, due to Hubby working on the accessible shower still, and when he went to Home Depot they only had five boxes of the subway tiles when their computer said there were supposed to be twenty, so Hubby took what they had, he was told more should be in this Tuesday.
And even though we have a van, a mini van and Home Depot is wide open and a rather nice place to try out my new power chair Hubby was picking up too many more shower necessities that we would not fit with them in the van too!

Another interesting point, to me, if not all of you, oddly enough it appears that Gus, our Havanese mix rescue dog, has taken a liking to this new monstrous creature, that is compared to my walker that most recently he had been non-stop barking at the walker that is, and he has been licking me in it as well as it and most importantly he has been very necessarily moving away from it when I power it up, since it weighs, even without me on it, according to Rick, two hundred and sixty-six pounds and with me on it considerably more!
Thankfully we have a ramp for the van, paid for out of pocket via Rick, also brought with the chair as asked, a manual ramp, not motorized, but easy for Hubby to use, and much lighter, about forty or forty-five pounds. Hubby had made me ramps for outside and the inside, due to a one step down to the sun room years ago for my first walker, so no problems there.

Well, that's it for our today's news although tonight is movie night and tonight's feature presentation is, Spotlight :https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spotlight_%28film%29, the Best Picture Academy Award winner, should be great!

Love to all, be well, blessings.
And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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