Feet looked swollen after two and half days...

...of using my, "new ride".
I am concerned and also needing help.
My nice vein ensconced feet, similar to my hands' appearance, with that distinctive physical attribute lost their thing that made me not appear to be needing any large quantities of diuretics, due to them showing so lovely, but now I cannot see them.
My left foot has a strange purplish tinge on its outer left side as well, make that NOT well looking, at all.
So once Googled it said that it could be possibly what is called lymphedema, swelling due to lymph glands fluid accumulation; and that it can happen due to feet dangling in a wheel chair or due to some types of surgeries, such as breast cancer like my cousin's arm was, and it does happen usually to legs and arms, but the feet are most often due to wheel chair sitting/dangling.
Gosh, now what?
According to the boards I read, many were very similar to me with SPMS or PPMS, or paraplegics, ALS, and had no real choice in the matter.
I am still in transition though, I can stand and even walk for a bit, but collapse in short time spans.
And so the "cure" that was talked about was those pressure socks, diuretics, or raising your feet above your hips.
I have neither of the first two, so I opted for the latter.
Not much different than my usual in bed with a pillow under my legs only this time with three instead of just one, it also said to try to keep pressure off of the calves.
Oddly enough the info said in one case that one person had been told by their doctor to stay in bed for three days with legs raised, Geez!
Another mentioned getting an ultra sound to make sure it is not a circulatory issue.
So all in all I had what many would concede and consider a rather bad day.
In a moment of adrenalin and concern for sitting too long (blood clots, came to mind) I got out of the new monster chair and opted for my walker to go into the kitchen and start seasoned fries that Hubby had mentioned he liked and so I looked up the recipe online and put the Italian seasoning of basil, oregano and garlic together with the parmesan in a small container to shake up and sprinkle over the Or-Ida string fries after the square metal cake pan was sprayed with Pam, and promptly dumped them all over the stove and in its crack to the drawer beneath!
I cried and left the mess for Hubby, who needed more work from me like he needs a heart attack.
He has been working too hard in my opinion, he even went grocery shopping again today, and brought home Tanner crab legs from Publix that were on sale.
Our nerves are frayed.
I felt horrid with more work left for him.
Best I do not bother to try anymore, I think.
Quite difficult and hard in realizing that this monster of a ride is an actual necessity.
I was so upset after the "fries incident", making me know that my abilities that I took for granted are disappearing/vanishing not unlike that mystery stories' notorious ink.
I am bumbed once again.

So not to continue in this vein, pun intended; better?
Any-who, I will bid you all a fond good night and say love to all, be well, and blessings too.
And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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