People are guilty of assuming and it gets me angry!

Three cases today of that happening here.
First the CenturyLink tech assumed that we had not tried a zillion times to get our new Smart Wi-Fi LED TV online for over a week we even called Magnavox three times and I had to teach the tech you cannot scroll down for caps, lower case, numbers or to clear when entering the password there are colored buttons on the remote for that, they telling me to scroll!
Also same bunch insisted the TVs Wi-Fi should work situated where it is in the breakfront but it hasn't, but it worked fine in the store as well as on our kitchen bar top.
Our Number One Son determined along with a person at a repair shop recommended by Magnavox felt that we had an older router circa 2010 and that we needed a newer faster one.
But even the repair tech here today questioned me on if we had tried it, really?
Only about three million gazillion times!!!
With and without so-called tech from the company.
So I handed Brandon the tech from CenturyLink the remote for him to try each and every combo suggested and he too realized it was failing!
Yep, its the surest way to prove your point by allowing the naysayer to do it hands on!
I kept telling him the definition of insanity this youngster of thirty who had not heard of Einstein's definition of doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome.
He brought in the new router from his truck and we are now on Wi-Fi! Ta DA!

Second one: new motorized chair fitters fine wonderful people but sadly treating me as if I am an inanimate and the head rest was too tight on my neck. I straightened him out by telling him why I cannot get my hair washed in those sinks at the hair salons, they have been known to cause strokes with clogged arteries or in my case having cervical stenosis.

Number three: A stroke survivor claiming that the reason my parents and brother died from their strokes was lack of care on their parts! How dare they blame the patient. So I explained that when and where back in 1982 and 1986 and that in those days they did not have available what they have today, how dare they! My brother though was under the care of the VA hospital in 2006!

I am exhausted with the insolence of people toward each other.
Another NOT great day.
Perhaps its just me...

Good night, love to all and be well and blessings too!
And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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