Productive day!

Saw my neuro eye doc today, sounds redundant, anyway he said my eyes appear to be stable and to come back in six months, yay! He is the one that keeps an eye on my optic nerves, pun intended, bud dump bum!

From there we went to Home Depot and picked up the rest of my shower overhaul/conversion tiles, the eighty subways Hubby needed to finish up around the base of the seat and some wall cut offs, the top has the 18"X18" marble tiles, and lastly the eighteen matted sheets of 12" X12"of the Grecian hexagon small marble tiles for the floor. We also chose a white hand held shower head that Hubby can hang up, it's a Moen, so fairly decent in quality and as well as two safety hand rails, 16" long for strategic placement in the shower stall.

Oh Geez, I almost forgot finally that we bought another Mandevilla in white replacing the one that died last fall, a little different from the other one on the other trellis, smaller blossoms, in front of the cottage fence around the pool, the two trellises face the saltwater canal. We had been waiting months for it to come in. Feeling the need to try to grow one from the other one so we had stuck the clippings in rooting hormone and potting soil, we had tried several clippings, but this time it did not work. We have grown avocadoes and mangoes from pits, and pineapples from tops, Pandora vines from their seed pods etc., but for some reason no matter what we did we could not recreate, clone another Mandevilla!

 After the depot we finally went to lunch late for us, nearly two o'clock, at TGIF and lastly Hubby picked up Gus's Heartworm/ flea medication combo, at the vets, Trifexis, six months' worth with the fifteen dollar rebate form, this stuff is nearly one hundred bucks for just six months!

Getting home was a relief, it was fun to be out again, but also exhausting.

That was my day and I hope you did accomplish what you had to too.

Love to all, be well, blessings.

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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