I believe that...

... Many people in life have agendas.
Some don't; like myself.
The others that do are well thought out it in their life's plan.
I on the other hand allow life to just happen.
The one's who know early on where they are going get very disappointed if for some reason it doesn't work out the way they planned, and some do not even have a contingency/back up plan.
I only move on from anything that has not gone the way I had wanted, but then again my plan wasn't too strong to begin with, since most things have just happened to me. I seem to go with the flow.
Those who have that failure can be devastated and stunted in making further decisions.
But if you are like me you try to forget and move on to something else.
Plans/planning people can get themselves in weird predicaments.
Why one I know once determined exactly what sex her children were going to be born and how many of each she would have and in what order, and yes I know today that is possible to make happen but this was decades ago.
I was just hoping they were healthy.
Planning is a good thing for most of what you need to do in life with family, but sometimes things happen, no one has control over such things as illness.
And many think that if you live a healthy lifestyle that you are immune, but no too many non smoking never drinking vegetarians proper BMI athletes have had heart attacks, and others get cancer so nope no one is immune.
Too many people have accidents that causes paraplegia, or quadriplegia, flesh eating bacteria, neurological diseases, genetic diabetes, strokes etc. and no way now or ever where anyone can plan for those or really want to; so nope, I learned life can be most unexpected and to not become too insane you must deal with whatever hand you are dealt.
I wanted three kids but instead after five pregnancies I got two healthy boys, yep, so I moved on, I was thirty-one back then.
I thought now at this older age that I would be still active and travelling/ sightseeing by walking all over, well we have done quite a bit from the car and sure I will figure out the way to still do it now that I can with my new ride, motorized wheel chair due to my progressive Multiple sclerosis, after all the chair has a good six hours on a full charge.
Planning is fine, but if the plans don't work out, move on and forward, always forward!
Try a new way to get whatever you want to accomplish done and it is alright to be disappointed but not for too long, then move on... Gosh I am starting to sound too preachy, preachy, forgive! Getting older but not necessarily wiser.

In closing I suppose you might be able to tell this was a quiet day for me today.
The only thing I did accomplish while home all day was to separate my May magazines from my early arrival June ones and watch the Property Brothers on Netflix!
Oh and yes another day of Hubby's progress on my accessible shower with me as the sidewalk supervisor with asked pertinent input. It is all tiled with the subways on the three and half walls as well as the base to the four foot bench, and the seat has the marble attached too. Tomorrow Hubby grouts and then the marble hex floor will be installed!

Once the fixtures are installed with the grab rails the latest project will be all done! And it will be safe for me to roll into the shower! Right now I have difficulty raising my legs over the tub to get onto my shower chair, I have to hold tight to my sink and the inside the tub grab rail, quite precarious and a bit scary! But I do it daily because clean is in my DNA; although, some believe too often showering causes drier skin and therefore more wrinkles, who knows, who cares...ME, ha!

Love to all, be well, blessings.

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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