Okay, I am no politico in the sense of knowing about each candidates or spouses personal lives and odd proclivities, only on what was brought out years ago and why one of the spouses was impeached, everyone knows that of course. What does that have to do with the now candidate of his wife, herself?
But apparently the discussion of these things by the Frothy Orange Haired Guy appears to be more important than what he will actually be doing to solve America's problems, I don't get why he won't address that. I hate to assume, but I believe as most it's because he doesn't have any idea what he will do. In my opinion, he is just looking to live in the Whitehouse and have a few more people to push around!
And besides we all know while his closest opponent has been married once he has been married three times and that he has children with all three of his wives, hmm?
So if decency is not what he is trying to project, with him actually being a hypocrite; then ask yourselves what?
He was married when he became involved with other women, and yet they did not forgive and they chose to move on and they got rid of him! Looks like the pot is calling the kettle black:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_pot_calling_the_kettle_black, hmm, ya think?
Something to think about.
Nah, a waste of time!
So is everything about this election year I am now beginning to think.
Of course other election years have been just horrid too with all the muck raking the candidates would throw at one another, but somehow this contest just seems worse. I suppose they all do, year after year.
I have very passionate about the candidates friends on Facebook with them finding/digging up information from soundbites from media programs all over the airwaves and articles from print media as well on and off line.
Most all the things that they find puts each candidate in a negative light. Most people during an election year, in all my years have never said nice things about any of the opposing contenders that I can recall, and I have been voting since 1972.
Geez, did I say that out loud?
That sounds like a very long time, and it is.
Over forty years... yep.
So as any good patriot should feel is the need to know as much as they can about the candidates before they make that final all important decision on election day, everything else is just clutter noise bites that are unnecessarily way too loud and causes more confusion as I grow older on what are truths and what are falsehoods, sure there are sites that decipher that as well.
So I am finding myself tuning out and that is a shame.
At first I felt like they were informing me on things I had missed to glean for myself, but now it just seems sadly angry and redundant.
Oh I don't know they are passionate and mean well!
So they have their right to express themselves, as I have the right to ignore them too, sorry.

And still...

Love to all, be well, and blessings.

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear! 
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