Back on track

Today was another evaluation for PT, physical therapy, out patient edition.
Adam did the eval and after he examined me, and during that time I had some nasty spasms and even when I stood with his old school walker, no seat and no wheels, I nearly fell, and he determined that to start me two days a week would be good not to make me too tired and I am already scheduled for the next month.

Hubby took me to lunch at our favorite Thai restaurant after, the only one we know of, the Thai Café.
We both had our usual's Hubby's crispy duck and mine curry duck, both with iced water and lemons; they serve soup with every meal, this time it was a creamy chicken with scallions on top, usually its clear consume.
It was nice after I had been stuck inside for so long to get out even with a medical necessity stop before the fun one.
My new ride fit easily into their restaurant and as soon as they saw me come in they removed the unnecessary chair from the table in front of us, which was a very kind touch for seamless seating purposes.

Our intentions were to go to Home Depot to pick out my shower floor tile that I had changed my original idea of what I had wanted, that would have been after lunch, but I was pooped, so Hubby suggested going in few days after my six month neuro eye doc appointment, and so we will.
He is nearly done with the entire shower stall with the subway tiles.
The seat that is 4' long x 16" deep 16" high will now be getting marble of 18" square tiles fitted appropriately on top, instead of more subway tiles, the marble tiles were left over from the guest room floor and so now I wanted to make the floor in the shower the smaller hexagon marble tiles that aren't too smooth, since the larger white shiny hex tiles that I originally chose to me now made me start worrying about Hubby slipping on them and the tumbled hex marble ones are not smooth, smooth, and so in my mind less of a fall hazard in my opinion, got that?
At least I did not think about it after it was all done with those white shiny hex tiles, hmm?
And it will look great; I saw it online in a similar shower with the marble seat and the subway tiles, and the small hex marble floor tiles, the whole combo!

The floor is now much less square footage than doing the whole thing like I originally had wanted with even marble subway tiles which are real pretty, but were not cost effective for us.
We are saving on those large marble tiles that we had left, and it is just enough, three that will be cut to fit, since Hubby already measured them, what luck. With the bench taking up a lot of floor space the floor is not that big so even though the marble tumbled hexagon tiles are quite expensive, YOLO, you only live once, true?

Love to all, be well, blessings.

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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