Many people are irate!

And to hear them complain that if more candidates or their candidate doesn't get chosen to be the "ONE" in the end to vote for that they are NOT going to vote at all!
And what does that mean for the rest of us Americans?
I really am asking, because if that should happen in the magnitude that some are saying that it might, since they are very unhappy with any of the choices, what would happen?
I do not have as good a background in historical legal government precedence's to know how that would be handled, specifically because I do not believe it has ever happened before, but I could be wrong I have been wrong before.
Although, the 2000 Bush vs. Gore election did have us waiting on pins and needles for about three months until all those hanging chads and other oddities were validated here in Florida up in D.C., since we seemed to be the one state that held our whole process up, according to what happened.
But Geez this time there are murmurings of people saying that the whole bunch sucks, choice wise.
Some guy is even making money off of stuff, like a sports team sucks type stuff, the one below is from

But I ask you if that is truly what you think, and you have no solutions then what?
Sure this person is a fine capitalist, the person making a profit with his slogan below, not unlike the Orange Frothy Haired Guy, since I am more than sure you are making a small fortune on taking advantage of your fifteen minutes of fame by great marketing of that negative low hopeless mentality that's hitting too many Americans where they live, here, although for how long can you take advantage of this situation? I know as long as those pet rocks or other useless promotions.They All Suck Round Car Magnet
I DO NOT, PERSONALY! That is approve of this message above.
Others', like us say things like we will be moving out of the country and that Mexico will be the ones that will have to build a wall to keep us out! I suggested Canada instead, but Hubby hates the cold after all these years, thirty of living here in Florida. He's even willing to learn to speak Spanish, I had two years worth, but when you don't use it you lose it.

PS I am NOT promoting what that guy is doing I am just highlighting the fact that many feel as he/she does; I do seem to recall that it was a man not that that matters in the bigger picture of things.
I'm just saying...
We need to unite and choose an appropriate leader to lead from the pool of selected end runners, and not give in or up.
Sure it's hard, but most worthwhile things in life are at times, it is true though not everything.

All I have to say we must figure this out before too many give up on us.
In my opinion that would be horrible.

Love to all, and be well, and blessings.

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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