5-19-2016, yesterday, I made my five thousandth friend on Facebook!

I had a ridiculous goal when I started on Facebook to make a million friends; little did I know that would mean 5k divided into 1m, due to that is the maximum friends that you are allowed on one account, the five thousand.
I think my reasoning was as silly as any of this gets due to my lofty reasoning of when the young actor Ashton Kutcher started his Twitter account, all those years ago, he seemed to nearly, in short order, attain one million followers!
Foolishly I thought oh what fun to try that on Facebook, but shortly later, yep, way back then I found out their restrictions about that sort of thing.
Meanwhile most of the sane users of Facebook, and yes there are many, most all of us Baby Boomers that I am related to or went to school with or know via decent others etc. are very particular on whom they befriend, selective, fearful or I have no real idea why, maybe they feel you must talk to all the ones that you acquire, regularly and or often, but I am here to attest to the fact that that is not true, not true at all! Why I hardly talk to anyone! Ha!
And as far as the safety factor goes from what I see on the boards of conversations they all seem to get hacked and have other issues more often than I seem to; sorry to everyone that I might have just offended.
Sure I have been, yes offended and hacked too, ha, but not that often.

This social experiment that we have all been a part, under the microscope of, all of these last several years, in my opinion, should be just that, and so go forth without fear and a resolve to be involved.... so do it damn-namit!
Now the question of similarity might be relatable to that of lab rats, think for awhile, stop now, that's enough, now can you understand how I look at this daily experience, and yes most of us are here every single day, scary?
Telling too much and oops, not good, it will come back to haunt ya, unless you're like me and don't really care, although most do. I wrote a disclaimer here long ago that I am way too sensitive to hear your true opinions about mine, and sadly that is still true. So I do try to be careful not to rub too many of you the wrong way, or only tackling strangers, but mostly lately trying to be a new and improved version of myself.
I have found that out when people came back stating how upsetting it all had been for them, hmm?
Listen, this whole thing if you think about it is a trial an error type of thing.
Post family pictures; no don't!
Yes, confusing.
My own sons warned me about personal PICS and how businesses, schools and all sorts of future people that might be your teachers, bosses or love interests might see what you had been up to and think unkindly of you, or other than what you were trying for, sadly true?
We go through life with trying to use that common sense that we were born with, and then you join Facebook and all of sudden people have people telling them the same thing they already knew, but mixing up the way they say it, but basically things that you have known for years, and to my surprise these intelligent people post these people's "brilliant" ideas, expressions or concepts, yep a social experiment of making us all forget how to think for ourselves!
Observing, people watching that I all started way back when while I was a young credit manager working at Lord and Taylor's at the Fashion Center in Ridgewood New Jersey on my lunch break; sitting out in their lovely atrium there.
We are all the most fascinating creatures, aren't we?

Oh and in other breaking Facebook news: Did you know when you turn down a friend request they then can follow you? That alone gave me 175 followers the last time I looked a while ago. So if you have a ton of followers and just a few friends that's on you and probably how that happened, not because you're cute, although that could be it too, who knows, who cares, ha, just kidding...friend!

Any-who, my ideas for this blog, thankfully, many days comes from all of you and for that I sincerely thank you!

Love to all, be well, and blessings.

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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