Dear Future World:

As a member of this race of us all, i.e. called human, I would like you all to know that we have given you this legacy that we must work together and play nice and treat each other with dignity and make sure that tomorrow's generation knows that they were loved and that we cared for each other and that hate was demolished long ago, in fact the word "hate" no longer exists in your future, since this is the only world we have to pass on and if we hadn't realized that it would not have been here for you to enjoy.
We felt that the air and water were also major necessities and so we took very good care of them as well to pass on that healthy balance to all of you.
And through all medical discoveries we are proud that you do not know what cancer, neurological disorders, mental illness or infant diseases, senility, etc. are or what being "sick" means, and when you receive this declaration for the future from this time capsule derived from all men and women taking the pledge to make life better for all of this "race", called human beings, no matter what is the color of our skin, religious preference, ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientation or transitions; we are also happy to see that it is no longer any question about any of those small minute differences of our past in ancient times that sadly caused ridiculous quandaries of notoriety,  although since we have found a way to all co-exist and be happy and productive in only the nature of living well with one another through understanding and mutual assisting with whatever our friends and family needs.
Living life is truly a pleasure now and we are hoping for all to "get it" too; so to speak?
Too much time had been wasted not working towards a common goal.
All of us then realized we wanted the same things and once that came to pass we had something, truly "something" to share.

I seriously hope upon you reading all this that our goodness of love for this planet and all who reside on it including all wild and domestic creatures besides us human beings are here for your hearts to envelope with your true understanding that continues, "into infinity and beyond!" (Love that line. From Toy Story, an animated movie, if I recall correctly. And nothing's wrong with borrowing that well spoken line from there, true?)

Reality check...
Nice sentiments/ thoughts; only wish I knew how to pull them all off to make them really happen...oh well, help?

You can you know start small in your own little worlds and it could flourish and spread to the ends of the earth.

Love to all, be well, blessings.

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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