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I know that I nearly forgot to give you an unauthorized, barely dignified, unwanted, unwarranted,unrequested critique of my opinion on the Best Picture Academy Award winner movie, Spotlight that I was looking forward to seeing last Saturday night and we had, not that my report has any meaning to anyone, but me, although...
I suggested it would should be "great", many might have gasped at that improper comment of a subject matter with such horrific ramifications as of priests in the Catholic church molesting children, but as I look back I still feel that the movie's preconceived descriptive adjective as "great", now does seem appropriate.
Stay with me here, don't close this down, see the fact remains that what was brought out in the Spotlight, the name refers to the newspaper specific investigative department of the Boston Globe, in the movie that even the ones doing the story were culpable too, and that was found out during their revisiting decades of the cases swept under the rug, suppressed for too many long years by the people in power, of course the churches' hierarchy as well as the legal professions top people and righteous opinionated journalists themselves feeling the need to protect the church due to their own feelings that had no right in the mix for an exposure of the wrongs that needed to be outed to protect so many children in the future that eventually weren't; as well as validating the experiences of the ones that had been violated historically for decades and decades!
An emotionally charged story that was years in the making to clarify those blurbs we all read about back in the early two thousands about all this going on horrendously shockingly outing of what was going on in the Catholic church to their/yours/ours children.
Of course disbelief was the first reaction and this was met then with horror, and then many priests were removed from their church we had thought, but no, most were shuffled around to different parishes.
Yes, this story was great!
Shockingly so, and it needed to be told and retold, as the situation has grown with open the flood gates, spreading or just plain becoming exposed that this was happening in so many other fields/industries such as sports with coaches, public school systems with teachers, other religious leaders ministers, rabbis, of all faiths, including volunteers in those houses of faith, the ones we as parents felt could be the most trusted with our most precious parts of us, our children, and that trust was compromised, horribly after we knew or thought these were the one that were capable of caring for our children... IT WAS A METAPHORIC SLAP IN ALL OUR FACES!
Trust no one, sadly came with that realization.
I imagine by now, an assumption, forgive me that most everyone has seen this movie, well if you didn't, you really should.
All of this, as explosive as this with such ramifications of harm to our children, women, men, elderly or any minorities, hate crimes due to sexual preference or transition should be told and told LOUDLY AND STOPPED!

That's all for Spotlight put its spotlight on remembering when things are wrong and that we all must do something to change them!

On that note of please do something if you see or hear something and together we can make a real change on how some monsters treat others and they will be STOPPED!

Love to all, be well, blessings.

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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