Morphine induced blogging proved to be a bit of gibberrish, so sorry!

Last night's /early morning's blog entry was all true but after I reread it, it appears to have been a wee bit disjointed.
Many might have thought it was an April Fools joke, but no, sadly, it was not, it all did happen mostly how I amazingly did document it for you and myself to see under the influence of a drugged stupor.
I did not take any of my long time prescribed meds today until two clock this afternoon and every two hours I have been playing catch up, still icing, Geez, by now I probably should have switched to moist heat and I will!
Pain feels like it could be pinched nerves or muscle tenderness, either way it still hurts and I did not sleep again much at all.
I seem to recall about six A.M. rolling myself back into bed via my transporter along by my toes/feet pushing and hands grabbing things along the way to pull myself on to our bedroom and crawling into bed and getting about two and half hours of actual shuteye.

The representative from the local motorized wheelchair company came today and I again found myself lying in my lounge/recliner along with ice packs covered in tea towels strategically placed in my three main sore spots, right hip, left shoulder and behind my neck.
We have rescheduled the meeting of the chair man Rick and OT guy Keith for early next week  at eleven A.M.!
All very wonderfully helpful!
He is getting me an adjustable one, height wise for our towering bed, and also to transfer into the van it will come in handy, even a possible a holder for a parasol New Orleans style for shade. I think I will also ask for a seat belt, ha! No actually I better.
He showed Hubby a ramp that is easily used and light weight and priced right; and he even has the same van as ours and he had his installed to transport the wheelchairs to his customers.
All in all I am feeling confident this will be done and probably by next week!

I am again growing bleary eyed due to being quite tired, but did not nap with hopes of a really good night's sleep caused by exhaustion overtaking my pain, such a truly simple request, please really!
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