Just got home from the hospital again!

I had called my internist to see her and when I told her nurse why and what happened about my fall at the rehab yesterday, she said I should go to their ER, so obediently I listened to her.
Big mistake!
They x-rayed me and CT me looking for broken bones! They were none, even I knew there couldn't be, I did not fall far enough, if anything I thought the CT would pick up soft tissue damage, and I did question the X-rays. Later they said it's policy in the emergency room with a fall.
And then gave in me in my IV morphine!
They said when first came in, in admitting they wanted to give a narcotic to me and I said no due to me nearly dying in 1983 while in back and neck traction in the hospital from opioid medication Stadol back then I had been coded.
Well, they did not listen and gave it to me anyway that is the morphine same crap!
And I stopped breathing and had no blood pressure, yep I was dead!
They locked Hubby out from seeing me and he didn't know what was going on!
The doctor told me NOT to take the bedtime medicine that Hubby had gone home for and to take care of Gus, he told me NOT to take my prescribed for years by my doctors due to THEM not being good for me!
Then after I wanted to leave and I had been told by the nurse the reason they wanted me to stay was to make sure I was alright after what had happened!
The one idiot doctor when I vomit into a that took quite a while to get to me, dishpan sized emesis container, he asked me what had I eaten?
They even tried putting the reason for admittance was due to vomiting!
WHAT??????????????? When I told him WHY I had been admitted the fall and he was saying since I was on the gurney against the wall in the ER my vitals were good, no thanks to them, and as he spoke and I tried to explain about my meds, never realizing his fear of them mixing with the BAD NARCOTIC that they had given to me and nearly killed me, actually they had my blood pressure rose to 151/135! Soon as he left it went down to 104/70 amazing!
I am home thankfully now, and no I will not take my for years meds due to not needing another near death experience, and nope I did not see a light!
Actually it wasn't too long for me this time since I don't think I would have remembered if not for the nurse, Kim, telling me honestly why they wanted me to stay.
A PA came over to me about beginning PT in the hospital tomorrow, when I said that I wanted to go home, or at home!
I had to let her know why I fell  at their therapy department being evaluated for a motorized wheelchair as per neurologist orders, and that once their own OT had read my doctor's reasoning he asked where the chair vendor. Then she went on to ask me have I ever considered to try and lose weight?
I fortunately had my phone with skinny me on it with "my normal" weight me of 103!
I went on about my days at the gym, five days a week for years for an hour and a half each day, then I started falling, I had been a race walker at three miles in 40 minutes, and cheerleader, took dance for twelve years and on and on etc. But when I tried walking I became heat sensitive and ended up on IV steroids again!
I mentioned also I was a certified Aquacise instructor and taught at their rehab and at a senior living facility! And how I had gotten skin cancer so I couldn't even go in my pool with sunhat, sunglasses and zinc oxide on me!
They did give me stomach meds that did work and still wanted me to stay to CYA, because my vitals were good.

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