Went to a fine lunch at the Thai Café; it's been ages since we were there and they are not that far, less than two miles away.
Had curry duck and Hubby had the crispy duck; lunch time prices are fair there, prices nearly double for dinner.
After Hubby saw a Jazzy motorized wheelchair dealer's van in the parking lot enroute to the restaurant and spoke with the man as he exited his van, before we parked for lunch.
Hoveround we had already spoken to on the phone at home after getting info online.
They had a lot of stipulations with regard to Medicare and yet when I spoke to Medicare they actually made it sound so much less complicated, glad I called there.
All this for my eventual motorized wheelchair being approved.
I did have my OT, occupational therapy, evaluation today and he asked if we had chosen a chair vendor since he works with them.
Apparently the letter with all my necessary needs for the assistive device was expressed appropriately by my neuro's PA Daniel.
So it was full steam ahead with what was next to do and a questionnaire that Keith the OT asked me all about as Hubby and I sat before him at his table.
Now the incident that caused us to postpone finishing up the process happened while I was listening to Keith ask his questions and ironically he had just asked me about having additional falling episodes, and I leaned forward on his table and the walker that had been transformed into a transporter felt as if it was dumping me out!
And it did right on to the floor!
But Hubby had tried to intervene and I saw his face as he did something not right to his own back, as I fell hard on my plentiful well padded butt although the pain was instantaneous rippling up my thought to be protected vast form, but that proved to be one hell of a lie! OUCH! Was an understatement!
It subsided for a time being and all injured parties were taking inventory on their personal bodily damage; Hubby somehow cut a finger on what we still do not know.
He insisted he was fine and was irritated that I was sure that he had reinjured his delicate vertebrae that had been injured years ago with many torn ligaments and discs. His expression made me think it had happened again!
After we recouped with some decorum and having being now me being surrounded by about a half dozen of the PT, physical therapy, staff people trying to get me into a wheel chair, in actuality two did the deed of recovering my dignity. I smiled before they made the attempt and as I quipped it takes a village, in reference to my size these days for the lifting.
Trying to lighten my failure to remind Hubby to lock my brakes!
He took the blame but we were both at fault, oops!
I did try to continue the evaluation with Keith but he looked at me and knew I was not able to, since I was in quite a bit of pain.
And yes the rehab was right there offering for me to have EMS take me to the hospital to be checked and Hubby too, but we both declined.
They took care of Hubby's bloody finger with a Band-Aid after he washed up in their sink, they probably put some ointment on it too, but I did not see that.
We chose to get me in bed at home with ice packs throughout my sore body, three ice packs wrapped in hand towels helped with me moving them wherever else I felt the need, my right foot is still numb longer than usual, and my right hip is sore as well as my lower back left shoulder and my neck feels like whiplash! Other than that I am fine, ha!
Hubby went out after dropping me off, stopping at Publix grocery for some odds and ends and also by the Jazzy dealer who happens to be right in the Publix shopping center. He stopped at PCs for lobster bisque again, love that stuff!
They, the Jazzy people, need to meet with me they told him basically, and come out to our home to determine maneuverability of their product in our home and sizing/measuring me up for the right fit and also go back to the rehab to meet with the OT for specifically suiting my needs according to testing results.
Who knew?
So we are currently on hold due to me... and I ended up taking more Baclofen 20mg. and one more Gabapentin 300mg.! Up to 900mg. now, but it worked along with the ice!

On my simple not so boring life after all note, ha, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy healthy safe and peaceful good night and to ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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