Back to almost our normal

Whatever that is, hmm?
Lazy day.
I was able to get two loads of laundry done miraculously!
But I cannot stand long anymore, not really at all.
Figuring out how to accomplish things can be a fulltime job, but that I am up for; truly what else do I have to do?
We do have a sort of toy type box wooden hamper that works as a seat in there, and I use the top of the washer to fold on, and that seems to work!
I also have a drop down shelf on the one wall also designed by me for a folding table, but now seems too high, so my way works fine for now.
The issue is with the rather large, not really, wooden hamper I cannot fit my walker/transporter in the tiny room, and the same will be the case with the motorized wheelchair.
I have suggested to Hubby to perhaps reconfigure the hamper in a standing position, nailing the large top/side shut and detaching the one short end and hinge it for easily throwing dirty clothes in?
Or buy one that would be tall and skinny.
We do have room since our tall painted pink galvanized umbrella/ cane stand is in the corner alongside the hamper, since our laundry room also doubles as a mudroom and with all the storage cabinets, additional pantry and broom/ vacuum closet is in there too all from access of the foyer to the garage.
So if I can just work it out in my brain somehow my new motorized chair should fit through the wide doorway to it.
Anyway, Hubby was busy with the yard today mowing and trimming and blowing away the mulched grass off the paths.
His new battery trimmer he has decided to return, its battery won't last long enough to finish our yard.
So he will go back to buy another electric one!
The new blade for the lawn mower he bought was not on tight enough and so he had to stop to adjust that too!
Then the rain came.
I was up again during the night from TV programming of the James Corden's Late, Late Show at 12:37 A.M., until I recall that a movie from 1990 with Meryl Steep and Shirley McClain, Postcards from the Edge was on at three A.M., usually the news comes on but it was a Saturday, and then I switched the channel to Anger Management show, just ending and then Seinfeld was on, both of them on the CW.
It was around that time or a bit after, almost after Seinfeld that I went back to bed.
Pain again had kept me up.
But in spite of that today I did put my ice packs back into the freezer and did not switch out a second bunch. They are the soft type that can be heated in the microwave or frozen, neat stuff, from Shared Solutions the support people from Teva the Israeli company that makes my injectable Copaxone that I take three times a week for my Multiple sclerosis. They are great with those cold neck thingy's too with the beads that you soak, even sunscreen, all free to me for the asking!
So I went off the stuff cold turkey, the ice packs and I even napped today, but for the last couple of hours it has been feeling as if I did do something to my coccyx bone, because it is really sore there!
Logically that is where I fell anatomically and I wonder why it hadn't shone up before.
So my sitting is now an issue as well.

Ahhh small mysteries of life, on that note of wonderment, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy healthy safe and peaceful good night and ask you all to kindly count all of your blessings and share all of your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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