Ex...cuse... me!

Hubby has been doing research and I will more than likely be going back to PT, physical therapy, even with my ride, it appears to be recommended to prevent muscle atrophy.
Sadly, I do know what that is, since I very nearly did have it back in 1997 when I could not walk for those six months, but I did go to physical, occupational and neuro muscular massage therapy then and so it was somewhat prevented, but it was a very close call. I have been eighteen times since then.
I knew I was in trouble when they put me in the swimming pool there at the rehab and asked me to try to walk backwards in the water, and my legs wouldn't go.
Yep, a truly close call!
But after appropriate therapy for six months and after going to Aquacise class after, then as a student; and I  had loved it so much, it was taught by an adorable eighty-five year old with an musical accompaniment, her tapes!
We did the Macarena, Chicken dance, Hokey Pokey etc. as well as moving our individual body parts in all different directions, the water allowed for all those sweet maneuvers without pain and quite a bit of  amazing fluidity, pun intended; not able to do on land.
They recruited me to teach, and set me up with the proper people to become certified, and so I taught there first as a substitute and then for five days a week, all volunteering!
It was through the Arthritis Foundation that it all came about, and at the time it was a free program for all, a fifty minute class. I was in my late forties then and my students' mean age was about seventy-five or there about. They soon became my surrogate parents, all those cuties!
I also started teaching at a fancy retirement village called South Port Square with an indoor Olympic sized pool, I taught a total of four years.
Until my own medical issues stopped me.
I had surgery.
And then I never returned.
Although, what I had learned stayed with me to help myself, to do my own regime in my own swimming pool; until I had gotten Squamous cell carcinoma on my left facial cheek last June and had MOHS surgery circa 2015, causing me to then become sun shy.
The indoor pool at the rehab is kept too warm for me anyway, at over ninety degrees most days, the recommendation is for an eighty-five degree pool, coincidentally the same number of the age of that sassy senior that initially got me interested in teaching the class.
Heat is my enemy and causes spasms in Multiple sclerosis.
So that is my dilemma with utilizing their pool.
Any-who, I have been reconditioned in my mind to know that I will have to be more open minded about my future with each and every aspect of this insidious disease that can be self-willed to do what it may, but some intervention might slow it a bit if I do not give up!

On that note of retraining my mindset, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy healthy safe and peaceful good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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