Being sooooooooooooo cared for...

I feel soooooo cared for by the goodness of strangers...huh?
Okay, Hubby has been taking marvelous care of his lump of a wife, moi, that has been so needy lately.
These afore mentioned "strangers" are the people sent by my facilitator, chronic care mediator, telephonic advisor who apparently has a fleet, not a fleet, but a staff, that's it, of people to care for my every need.
Gene, that is how she spelt it, was my RN that interviewed me and checked my vitals and was here about an hour evaluating my needs. Her results were that she would release me from nursing need after her next visit.
And she also determined that physical therapy as well as occupational therapy were what I do need regularly.
Next was the man Stan who is a BIG GUY, six foot three and large all over, my physical therapist.
He was here about forty-five minutes and had me doing isometric type exercises as I sat, pushing up and squeezing that sort of thing.
He determined that my ability to do standing ones was not possible.
They both took my blood pressure while here, with the nurse it was 122/60, with the PT Guy it was 146/80, he said due to the exercise, okay...not that strenuous I thought, but these days I guess for me.

I hate to be sexist but I truly think that since I have enlarged, bodily wise that they believe I need a male PT person to help me, that does ring true in my opinion.
A thinner female I might hurt if I fell and they had to pick me up.
But Stan the man PT said nah it was the luck of the draw, no, he didn't actually say that but that's the way I interpreted it.
Meanwhile he will be back Friday and she will be back next week, oh joy.

Moving on...

Hubby was busy in the garage with Gus, our Havanese mix rescue dog/child, as his sidekick keeping both of them out of the way.
Easy peesy for with the door left unlocked that so when they knocked on the door or rang the bell all I had to do was say, "come in", as I reclined in my recliner!
See "lump", yep I call 'em as I see 'em!

I am able to walk still about ten feet, but then I have to rest.
And the more I do that the more tired I become.
This is a test I keep failing, DAMN NAGGET!
Thus the above reasoning... oh so I guess I didn't actually move on.

Let me try it again, please. Moving on...

Today is the birthday of a lovely old friend and I wished her a very happy day today.
She is a very family oriented generous young woman who goes the extra mile to prove that for any of her family or friends and she is a police officer by profession, good choice.
She is the ex-girlfriend of Number One Son, and they too are still friends since both have moved on with their current love interests, she is now married to a fine young man and they have an adorable daughter and our Number One Son has already a long time relationship with his gal for over five years now.
We all were invited to the old flames wedding those years ago, so staying friends was a given.

I think I nailed it! The moving on thingy that is.

On that note of trying to change topic not as flawlessly as I wanted to, allow me anyway to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy healthy safe and peaceful good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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