Sure I am, but so are you.? Only the best people I know are...
Any-who, this back thingy, is lingering way too long, ya know?
Where I had a mole removed on my lower back just a week ago Friday, I bet you all remember?
Extra Gabapentin for the last week, since extra strength Tylenol did not work and the nightly news confirmed that, knowing that it is not an anti-inflammatory anyway.
I think I now have figured out why my back needs to be iced with the medicinal doping of me the dope.
When the ARNP who did the deed of the shave removal of my mole for biopsy she had asked me if I could get up on the examination table for the minor procedure, smarty pants said okay.
Mind you that I can barely make it onto my own bed, which appears to have gotten way too high over these last few years. And so I locked my walker and used it along with the pull out step to raise myself onto the table, curbs on the street are mountainous these days.
Now if I do have any major cancer which the chances are not likely, with the pain I am displaying it would have to be the stage four type, God forbid!
So this is what I surmised that actually went down is that I more than likely herniated another disc.
Now before all of you go that's impossible, let me tell you a sneeze has been known to do it, one doc said, another doctor told me he had a patient that bent over to move a tray table and it happened, and the last time I did it I was using the hand held portion of the vacuum to clean the louvres on the linen closet, okay?
Case closed.
Feels identical to that more recent cause.
Years ago I herniated one when I was trying to get one of our cats into the cat carrier I had to bend down and maneuver myself twisting to get him from the hiding spot under an end table, to go to the vet and I fell through the front window, horrible! (Fortunately, we still had jalousies in the windows so in actuality I only broke a few bottom glass slats on the other side of the screen, way back in 2002 before we replaced all the windows with wind protective hurricane windows in 2003, with Hurricane Charley in 2004 we only had one broken window due to our neighbor's roof hitting it, no time to put up shutters since it was supposed to go 100 miles to our north and made that right hand turn the last minute!)
The only reason I didn't get cut is we had drapes at the time that protected me from the broken glass, along with the screening.
I got the cat to the vet and home again and then collapsed in excruciating pain!

Each time the process to feel better has taken a little while longer.
And I did have physical therapy the last time, at home and eventually I felt better.
This time is just too weird and embarrassing and do you believe a medical professional would actually believe me to verify it with yet again another MRI?
I never forget the one DO that said to me you can't be in that much pain when I can't find anything wrong with you, circa 1987 or there about; at that time I had not yet been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.
After I had been I sent that doctor all the information I could find on that malady, way back in 1994 when I was first diagnosed, oh so annoying!
There are some doctors even today that still don't know about it or won't accept it as a real medical condition, would you believe?
Sometimes a godsend and other times an interference, it took that much longer to be diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis too many would not look further due to the dx of Fibro.
Finally in 2006 with MRIs and distinctive lesions I was found to have MS.
But it was still a while to be treated properly for this insidious disease, with a case of optic neuritis in 2010, by then second dosing of 1000 IV SoluMedrol added into my Baclofen from 2006 and Copaxone started too in 2010.
And so I think I have the reason for this aggravating pain, and the fact they kept me seated and twisted and turned me all around for my mammogram on Monday, more aggravation, and then the endoscopy yesterday I am not feeling too well all day and at night either, so I have been using ice packs on and off, but I still am only taking two 300 mg. of the Gabapentin one in the morning, one at night, last time I went up another 600Mg. if I recall.
I slept restlessly again last night, all week really, some nights no sleep at all, frustrating.

On this note once again of me, me, me, allow me to wish all of you a very happy healthy safe and peaceful very good night and ask you all to kindly to count all your blessings and share all your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

PS I write about my pain and causes to keep it straight that is what causes what and when, catalogue.
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