Is there such a thing as slightly racist?

Case in point a person that I admire for their intellect and political passion posted what at first I even shared to my timeline showing a picture of the Frothy Orange Haired Guy whose skin even appeared orange split screen next to our President Obama saying "this is not what we meant when we said that orange was the new black." In other words, choosing Frothy Orange Haired/skin Guy for the job of pres. NO WAY JOSE!
Geez, I got swept up into that too and at first thought it was really hysterical, but after I thought again I thought no it's not, it is off quite a bit, too racist.
If anyone makes anti-Semitic jokes I cringe with hurt and pain and leave. I used to say something, but it got me nowhere with most narrow-minded people.
So I consequently took the "share" down.
Oh one more thing...I took back my hahaha emoji on his original post too.
And no there is no such thing as being just slightly racist, you either are or you aren't, and I sure do not ever want to be mistaken for being one, too hurtful being on the negative end of any of that from all those anti-Semitic jokes I have run from and nasty anti Jew comments from too many folks, even these days!
Sometimes, us Caucasian folks get it all wrong though.
In our efforts to not be racists we are too far a field in that effort.

Diversity is easier for our sons to understand due to me wanting for them something that Hubby and I had not experienced until college, people of all races. Fortunately, they did in their schools upon moving to Florida at ten and fourteen years of age.
I think that helps.
Without learning from each other early on then we have no idea of how to act, which is the same as with any other friends, no matter of what ethnicity, race or religion.
I did have the good sense to enjoy Sesame Street children's TV with our sons when they were small, and that show was quite good at teaching our children to respect everyone, and that people are like flowers in the fact they come in all different sizes shapes and colors and are beautiful each in their own way, and I reminded them of that most all of their growing up time, and they proved that it worked by their choice of friends as teens and adults!
They as adults have proven to be quite open minded on all topics and I couldn't be more happy for that.

Moving on...

Snowing up north and I just flaunted our seventy-five degrees sunny weather at this hour to my old neighbor from up there!
Yep, shame on me.

On that note of me being bad, allow me to be the very first to wish you all a very happy healthy safe and peaceful good night and ask you to kindly count all your blessings and share all your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!  
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