Neuro today!

Actually, his PA Daniel who was quite upbeat and cheerful today, considering we were late, no fault of our own.
Would you believe that an interstate highway like I75 would have stop and go traffic and even when flowing maintained speeds of just 20-30 MPH for a half an hour of our trip, half of our whole trip there, with a 70 MPH posted speed limit?
Oh no accidents, just construction, and no slow down signs for that, although construction trucks moved back and forth through the traffic as if no one was there!
Let's see our appointment was for 11 A.M., for the approximate fifty mile trip, and so even though MapQuest said it would take only an hour and two minutes, but I begged Hubby to leave around nine thirty! I was worried about all the Snowbird traffic still here until after Easter many. Our winter visitors from cold snowy climates thus the name.
We actually left at nine forty, give or take a couple of minutes, still plenty of time according to the ever popular mapping app.
And it was a good thing too.
The exit number from here is #207 Bee Ridge Road, mile markers are the same as exits now, but for some reason on that road it too was under construction and even though the posted speed limit was 45 MPH, people were driving about 20-25 MPH.
I do believe there is an app. for that, all about construction and how to avoid it,but I did not realize we would need it!
We were going so slow on Bee Ridge and it was a quarter to eleven by then and so I felt the need to call the doctor's office to tell them we might be as much as fifteen minutes late!
And they told me that if we were more than fifteen minutes late they would have to reschedule us!
I said that is not right, but fortunately we got there just nine minutes after our scheduled time, slight relief!
But still rather annoyed with their fifteen minute late rescheduling policy, and us with a one hundred mile round trip! The nurse, Colleen, took my blood pressure and it was rather high for me at 160/98, actually the highest it has been in years since on blood pressure medication, I had let the situation get the best of me, shame on me.
Odd too that I felt as if I were burning up when we arrived home and I had not had that mysterious low grade fever for a couple of weeks now, but all of sudden I am back up again, weird.
The PA gave me another neurological assessment test, and agreed that I needed our bath conversion that the ADA volunteer that came last Tuesday told Hubby what was needed to convert the shower for wheel chair use and a sink also to be able to get too with the proper toilet, a roll in and out shower a pedestal sink minus the pedestal and a raised toilet, door hinges that flattened the door to the wall.
.Hoveround or Jazzy too at this point he would write the recommendations for as well
OT was suggested if backup was needed to represent additional proof for Medicare.

For some reason the words that I am writing are being underlined in red, but hopefully it will disappear on posting as well as the lining up of paragraphing is all screwed up too.

Let's see, on that note of what else now, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy healthy safe and peaceful good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

PS Good luck with tonight's offering it has seemed to taken on a life of its own! LOL!

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