ESR and CRP Blood Tests

The visit yesterday to my neuro's office was also to let them know I needed refills on the three medications they take care of Copaxone, Gabapentin and Baclofen, all done.
And I was handed a form/prescription for those above blood tests.
I have had so many these last several weeks that I wasn't too sure those hadn't been done recently, so I asked when I arrived at my usual lab and according to them nothing for these two in the last two years at the very least there.
So I let the Vampira extract my ruby gelatinous fluid from my interior right elbow, my left one had had a Copaxone shot just yesterday in its upper arm.
I prefer to spread the holes evenly, ya know, I'm all about the symmetry, ha.
Both of those simple blood tests above usually done in tandem have great medical diagnostic capabilities in the fact they can somewhat determine where my inflammation is coming from and  what could be causing it, Ta DA!
Well, almost.
Multiple sclerosis is the culprit, but why am I feeling worse and could other mysterious interlopers be in the mix, heart, cancer, who knows what might lurk within these overly stuffed plush innards?
Any-who, I did it now so the die is cast, hmm? Poor choice of words, ya think?

Moving on...

Yesterday while out my good ole reliable Timex quit, it had a battery breakdown that seemed to last a very long time.
Today, while out we stopped by the Watch Doctor, yup he is, and since we have lived here we have followed him to this his third location that we know of, and he did replace the battery and was impressed with the inner workings that are now made by, would you believe Seiko?
Battery cost almost as much as what I paid for the watch, he claims it had to be only two or three years ago, but to be honest I forgot. I think it was like twenty-five bucks then at JCs, Penney's that is,  and the new battery was fifteen!
Still a bargain for a Seiko, hmm, wink, wink?

I had a coupon for the Honey Baked Ham store, at the end of the same shopping center where the Watch Doctors shop is, odd for a Jew one might say, well my Hubby is a Catholic and Sunday is his holiday although with no one but us here... I do enjoy celebrating all of the holidays anyway! So dinner I thought ham for Easter. My coupon was for $3 off, but the boneless spiral glazed ham was $10.99 a pound and it is nearly four pounds, no quick math for me, foolishly, we took it, over thirty-eight dollars worth! I thought about bronzing it, but then they gave us samples, and we thought lunch with Swiss cheese on sandwiches smeared with sweet honey mustard, breakfast with eggs and yes also Sunday Easter dinner and more then whatever was left to into the freezer.

On that note of hmmm mmmm good, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy healthy safe and peaceful good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all those overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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