Sometimes a mole is just a mole...

...And for that I am VERY thankful!
Yep, the biopsy was negative for cancer cells, benign!
Got the call a couple hours after playing dumb about not recalling how many days till they were going to call me with the results and I had called them this morning, today it was twelve days, wasn't sure if they had said ten or twelve really, any-who, the young woman who answered said two weeks. At this point I felt it was important to mention that my very sore back that I had initially called them about the same day they did the biopsy was more than likely due to a herniated disc back there in that same location.
And not due to the biopsy itself, very possibly due to raising myself onto the exam table. I told them not to let me do that again. The worst of it was that they all wanted to help me, that is the two young women as well as Hubby and I had refused.
Oops, that'll teach me!

Moving on..

Last night I did not sleep well.
So I finally got out of bed, supposedly okay to do, new theory.
I went into the living room and turned the TV on and saw a familiar face on the CBS Overnight News cast, a young woman that worked out of the NBC affiliate here out of Fort Myers Florida news anchor Jamie Yuccas, also a Facebook friend for years, a pretty, always well dressed young woman, NYC is a great place for someone like her who appreciates fashion as well everything else that amazing city has to offer. Last I knew she had gone back to Minnesota, but apparently had made the BIG Time, not far from where I grew up in New Jersey, fifteen minutes from the George Washington Bridge in Paramus and Emerson NJ, as well as where I went to college at LIM in NYC right on 12 East 53rd Street, between Fifth and Madison across from Paley Park, right nearby famous Fifth Avenue, many a day being a New Yorker and all that entailed, walking, restaurants, museums, biggest library on the planet, parks, shopping, taxis, subways, transit system, you name it, etc.
Congrats to her, I also noticed she has been doing hard hitting war correspondent news, in all those scary locations, WOW!
Stay safe!

On that note of that's the latest from this gal, allow me now to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy healthy safe and peaceful good night and to ask all of you to kindly count all your blessings and to share all those overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear! 
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