My opinion

Is no better than yours.
Although, I think that I express mine more often and more publically than you do.
But of course that again is just my opinion.
There are times in my life that I knew in my heart of hearts that something was going to happen.
Deja vu is not uncommon with women, ya know? No one knows why that is, except maybe us clairvoyant types, ha.
Some call it intuition.
I suppose men can have it too.
Have you felt as if something bad was going to happen, and then it did?
Or perhaps that something good was about to happen and that happened too?
This election really is baffling to me and at times makes me quite uneasy.
Never before have I felt this way with a ridiculous election, could be because never ever has there been anything like this election that is this ridiculous.
Feeling safe usually, but not necessarily this time.
Knowing in the past that my vote if not the one to get my candidate elected at least the opponent was someone although not my choice was still a decent person with their desire to help our country stay safe, productive, healthy have more than half of the country's wants and desires taken seriously and truly wanting to accomplish what they promised, but not this time, I have a fear.

You know that silly expression that people say, vote now and vote often, kiddingly more than once, now I wish if only that were legal.
My gentle candidate, but one who realistically wants to help America, my choice is not getting enough support, and so the campaign for the slot to become president could be filled by an another not as desirable or with all our best interests at the forefront.
Short of pulling out my hair and hoping that others realize this; people you should truly vote for the best candidate, there is not much else one can do or say.
I have previously told all of you who I do not want and why.
But just expressing my good vibes for the right candidate I guess is not enough.
So maybe saying that this person has honesty, integrity, and a problem solving ability with a calming personality that can make important decisions without a hot head and with logic and care.
Think about this at a different angle...
Every illegal person that commits a crime in the United States fuels the Frothy Orange Haired Guy's campaign with people saying, you see we need him to keep them out. Let me ask you how many legal Americans commit crimes? You see, look again, for everyone of those illegal people who make the news for committing a crime, sadly thousands of LEGAL AMERICANS have been doing it right under your nose daily all over this fine land that we all love, shall we deport them too, and if so, to where?
Yep, we do have a problem with crime.
And many believe it all stems from poverty and the need for better education and more jobs, making people truly realize that they have a chance of a slice of the pie to success.
Now think logically who will accomplish that?
An establishment person? (Big business in their pocket.)
A billionaire? (a one percenter)
Or a person who truly has helped people attain there best life in that past? (The person with the history of already doing this.)

Think hard and then think again.

On that note of if only my vote counted in the millions or I could vote that often, ha, one measly one though can make a change/difference if you vote too, and you and you and you all for the one person who will help America, BERNIE SANDERS!
Now allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy healthy safe good night and ask all of you to kindly count all your blessings and share all your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

PS Folks make this old gal not feel uneasy I sure could use some peace of mind as we all could, true?

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