Good News, I Can Breathe!

Okay, no big deal, you say. I can't hear you, but I know you did.
Then why do they test you for that, breathing?
Actually, I am in that possibly knowing position due to it only being a supposition since Hubby was sitting on the same side as the tech who was doing the test, and Doc Hubby said it looked good to him from what he could see with my breathing in and out, and holdings and blowing quickly and sighing slowly that were all in the green portion on the screen's chart apparently. I don't know about the other colors that I could have been in, because it wasn't in my line of sight any of it.
But I thought "green screens" were for special effects? It's nice to be special, although not like this.
And Geez, it must have sounded like a make out session with me in a room with two men and all that heavy breathing going on, I.............wish, nah, kidding, way too tired for any of that, ha! The door was left open, now I know why, CYA, double ha!

The reason for the test was the follow-up to my initial appointment with the respiratory doctor.
I have been on that breathing medication now for eight days.
And during the test they give you another medication and test you some more after, I will be getting the results in eighteen days.
There was another test the doctor had wanted to do, me to run up and down steps but I cannot do run, or steps or up and down, so he, we nixed it.
Just like when I had the wiggling legs over the edge of the exam table instead of a tread mill for my heart nuclear test; could not do the other.
We all make concessions in life to get to where we have to go some times. I raised my hand, to say me too!

Hubby and I had lunch at Panera's, we both enjoy their delish food and healthy choices.

We first checked at Lowe's for the Mandevilla vine needing to be replaced, but they haven't come in yet. Hubby had me look at bathroom parts, fixtures, sinks etc. and tiles for his bathroom that we are considering making into an ADA accessible one for me, his is the larger one and has the ability to become even more expandable into the garage for more square footage.
A person from a non-profit organization will be coming over to give us the necessary specs to do the project in the future.
The man called while we were out and I must call him back.

We also went to Sam's Club for coffee and baking soda, Hubby found pastries he likes.
See, this is part of the problem, he needs to fatten up and I don't!

Any-who, on this note back in bed due to some chest area pains again, endoscopy next week, Mam too, oh what fun!
Allow me to wish all of you a very happy healthy safe good night and ask you all to kindly count all our blessings and share all your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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