Hubby has been through a few tests lately, and to say we were worried was a vast understatement!

And so far he's passed them all with flying colors!
Bloodwork exemplary, low cholesterol total 128 and triglycerides 64, even his short period of slight anemia was no longer there. He takes cholesterol medication same dose as mine, and blood pressure medication more than mine and we both do take vitamins, me more different types than him.
His chest X-ray was fine, normal.
His CT nuked and barium shake for lighting up of those lower organs was normal too!
He is only seven and half months older than me, and at five foot eleven and half inches tall had always weighed around one fifty-four with a thirty-two inch waist, so thin-ish; and this is since high school!
But recently he had gone down to one hundred and forty, too thin, although we were able to fatten him up to one forty-four point four.
He eats all the more fattening choices and rarely eats vegetables or fruit.
He used to drink too much coffee, thus all those great anti-inflammatory and antioxidant components, so did I, but we both cut back, him three a day, me two a day. Now they say more is better.
He has recently been trying to quite smoking, but has not yet though he cut down considerably, and does do it infrequently outside, since I quit ten years ago.
He has one more test next month.
Although, at this point I believe his weight loss might be my fault, his worrying about me, albeit the fact that he did do a lot of physical labor just before we noticed his significant weight loss.
He painted our white fence nearly the circumference of our quarter acre yard all but the water side where there is none, all three other sides inside and out, and also painted our driveway, walkway, patio and pool decking.
But he had before and never lost so much weight or any if we recall, but that was also years ago!
Age changes everyone.
Some get heavier and others do get thinner.
We are both examples of either end of the spectrum.
Mine though had smoking cessation and medicine assists.

Any-who, he has a month to relax and perhaps put some weight back on, projects caught up.
And perhaps the fact that he gave up the sit on lawn mower for the walk behind could be another factor. Too much chopped up in our yard and a bit of overkill for our smallish space.
So far so good though, and I am trying to come up with a celebratory idea when we find out that all is well after that last test is done.
He hadn't had this one before, actually none before except blood work.
He like me had his flu shots and this year he finally had the pneumonia shot like I have been getting, first in 2009 and then last time in 2014, they last five years.
I had the first when I was not let out of bed that time of my first exacerbation of the Multiple sclerosis with the three days of IV Solu Medrol steroids 1000 mg, being confined to be not even to go to the bathroom I was concerned due to my father.
When he had his brain stem thrombosis in April of 1986, he started to improve, even though that type of stroke most are dead within twenty-four to forty-eight hours.
They even put him in physical therapy, I bought him sneakers, cut his hair they allowed me in the hospital while he was there for all of five and half weeks.
He acquired pneumonia and he was allergic to penicillin, so they tried different antibiotics, nothing worked and he died on May 11th 1986, Mother's Day that year.
So with that horrific memory I asked for the pneumonia shot and had been begging Hubby to get one for years too, thankfully he finally gave in this year.
I do believe his weight loss worried him too, worries him and me.
But that alone can cause weight loss!
So very unproductive!
As usual we must call on diversions, but usually I come up with projects as distractions, and so he is straightening out his work area in his garage and condensing and getting rid of things, and sadly for his sake the temperatures here have risen and our garage is not air-conditioned.
So I must come up with ideas, less activity, indoors, keep me company in my temperature controlled land dear man that I love.

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