Was back at the hospital last night

Not the same one, the other one, Fawcett.
And yes, no one talked me out of it.
Although, Google talked me into it.
All these sentences ending with "it", "oh well" is all that I can say to all of you grammar Nazis!
Pictures of a Brown Recluse spider bite did it for me and how my earlobe's red blistery dotted with a hole at the top newest ear injury looked, a little bit too much like a replica of that picture, same ear by the way that had been biopsied and fortunately with medication had gotten better after a few weeks causing me not to need that second biopsy last summer.
Any-who, we went again those less than two miles, another Tuesday, a week since the last, to that adjacent hospital and they looked as if they were giving healthcare away at nine P.M. this time; oh I would have seen my doctor if it had been earlier.
A dozen people from an assisted living facility were there all with IVs in their arms.
Most people would have turned tail and run like the dickens!
But the nurse on the intake desk who would not tell me one way or the other if it was a spider bite in any capacity but still felt it should be looked at and to her looked like a bite, when I had said to Hubby let's leave.
But we stayed, and me with a mask from the dispenser I even went outside due to the sauna like temperature in the ER, cold non bacteria spewing weather was quite refreshing this time, didn't mean a thing that my thinner blood from being a Floridian for nearly thirty years was not at all in my concern for once, funny how that works.
When the wait was causing all to be antsy they actually gave the ER waiters all small cups of low fat vanilla ice cream!
I didn't care when Hubby brought it out to me that it was already nearly forty outside, it was another distraction besides talking to passerbys and my Solitaire on the phone.
 It took until after eleven to finally determine that the doc wasn't sure, he said unless I saw the spider with a piece of me in its teeth ha, not funny!
He prescribed an anti-biotic cream and told me to my doctor in three to five days.
Too late to fill last night so Hubby filled first thing this morning, what a guy!
Hours later I found the one that the dermatologist's PA had prescribed last summer, same stuff!
Two out of three applications, no change yet.

Oh well...
This is very late good night to all.
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