Definition of wonk: broadly is someone who knows a lot about the details of a particular field (such as politics) and often talks a lot about that subject. Thanks to:  http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/wonk  ( I bet you knew that, well I didn't and found it interesting)
Okey dokey, so many of my Facebook friends are wonk-ing this election and informing the rest of us about what's what, and that can be a very good thing, but can also become quite tedious; sorry!
So even with so many more debates happening and more primaries I think we could use a bit of a break, ya know?
Not a long one, but one, okay?

Moving on...

So here's the deal, last night I blatantly accused a brown recluse of causing my earlobe, left, to become a red blister with top notched hole included and many might wonder why I would think of such a thing well here is my reasoning and even Hubby thought it was not an off the wall possibility.

Even I have complained that I have become somewhat of a shut in due to my giving up driving a few years back when I was deemed legally blind and although I have had four eye surgeries and my sight is incredibly better, my leg strength is still no good for pedal pushing, in other words getting up to the speed limit.
That said, Hubby is the driver and most of my outings lately have been to doctor's office visits and most lately hospitals as well and not for fun or even productivity, too cold for street fairs to go to them or other such things etc. and so when given the choice to go grocery shopping two days ago I jumped in my mind and heart, not literally, to go for the ride.
The logistics were easy Hubby would get their motorized cart and bring it to the car, he does enjoy the ride and so he did.
I am so tired these days along with weak legs it is the best way to go, ya know?
In the produce department when I bent down on the cart to pick up the baggies dispenser I knocked over, and my head was at the right height of the produce.

Yep, that is possibly when it could have happened since I was looking in the car drop down passenger side mirror once done shopping, checking my lipstick and hair when I noticed my earlobe and yikes!
I know the problem was not there when we left since I had put on earrings, and no there was no damage at that time!
At first I thought well I had an earache last night in the middle of the night and when I do I use a cotton ball with alcohol on it and put it into my ear to relieve the pain so I can sleep, my mom used to do that, maybe something was brewing then.
But the problem/ blistery red with a hole damage wasn't there then or after my morning shower or anytime while at home, I even did not see it when I put on my earrings that morning, not until we were in the car after the grocery store!
Logical deductive reasoning.
Although, we were home before one P.M. I at first thought it was that chronic ear issue that had to be biopsied last summer, but it had been long gone...so until after dinner and even after I had written my blog Tuesday evening I let it go, but noticed that it appeared worse and that is why I Googled the worse possible scenario, and it scared me enough to go to the hospital since it looked an awful lot like the picture on the site.
But... since I rechecked and that picture was of a bite nine days in and all the people who did have a brown recluse bite ran high fevers with the venom doing that and many ended up on IV antibiotics.

All the hospital doctor gave me was a prescription for a topical antibiotic and paperwork saying what to look for if it got any worse and on that same paperwork I was to see my doctor in 3-5 days; I called and will be seen early next week.
The applications for the medication is at five doses so far and I cannot see any improvement or that it has gotten any worse either; too soon I suspect.
I did have my low grade fever of  99.6 and then later after prepping dinner it was 101.6 but I was working near the oven that was roasting that spaghetti squash I had found a recipe for, PS we did not like it.
More than likely my temperature is down now with removing myself from the hot spot and drinking my nice cold club soda and sitting under the paddle fan in the living room!
Odd with the heat on Hubby had changed the fans direction for cooling not pushing down the heat, still seems counter productive!
So that is where I stand/sit now.
More than likely as so many times before thankfully I hope that I am wrong about why/how this happened since I have been wrong many times before, one can only hope, cannot one.
The doctor's office wanted to see me tomorrow when I called yesterday, but I delayed it thinking the medicine might work and then I could cancel, my insurance fully covers it without any co-pay.
Who knows...
Right now I am wondering about tonight's night's sleep, last night was rough and hard to get comfortable. I still have that foam ring the dermatologist's office had recommended, in spite of it I actually slept on my other side the one that I usually can't.

TMI again, just keeping track of it all and sometimes when you write things down it will make more or less sense.
Try it, it can work like pros and cons columns.

On this note of my trying to figure out things others probably have, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy healthy safe good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all those overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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