Movie Night!

And yes, we still have them.
No longer Block Buster though, duh, Netflix these days, but still only weekly since we don't stream, we snail mail!
I know, I can hear you all saying, so archaic, no I can't; hear you that is...
Last week's choice was Terminator Genisys, if you guessed it, it was a Hubby pick, and yes you guessed right.
Although, I did watch the whole thing and it was pretty good, oops did I say that out loud?
Tonight's pick is mine and it is Trainwreck. Peer pressure I suppose, I know I am too old for that group to have been pressured, oh well...curiosity?
There you go.

I find the trailers to be helpful as well as the award shows to make it into that Queue, in that the holding tank or wish lists of future viewings, odd spelling Q-u-e-u-e, definition says tail in front or back, man's, or a braid hmm, right? ( How I hate euphemisms for body parts, PENIS! You can look it up too, really.)
Right now we have ten others in there, the queue that is, the place online for holding your future viewing choices, many have not been released to DVD's yet but a few have.
We still enjoy movies as always, but it's been ages since we actually went to a theater and the waiting time for the biggies to come to DVD has diminished considerably so to us it's worth the short wait.
So Last week we watched Terminator Genisys, we had viewed Inside Out the week before that, we are nothing if not diverse in our tastes in entertainment.
Although, some R movies and animated flicks have been returned before we completed our viewing, due to us not liking them at all or being too childish or too graphically sexual, apparently we are fine with gratuitous violence as in last weeks choice, okay that IS not right, for shame! Only explanation is it is more CGI than real, yep that's good, I'll take it, ha.
I won't mention any names/titles, since to be truthful I have forgotten most, but one was in our recent past.
See, I don't want to influence anyone one way or the other.
Mostly I prefer to give honest opinionated critiques when we have enjoyed the flick, okay?
They definitely don't need me causing BIG Movie to lose money due to me suggesting that something isn't a quality worthy of a multi-billion dollar success, yeah right like my voice has that type of power, if only...!
Unified we all do.
Just like our vote, remember you Super Tuesday states this TUESDAY March first this week!
I made a BIG mistake for Florida I had said March 16th for our vote, it is actually the 15th of March, oops forgive.
I know you all knew though, albeit early voting has been going on via mail already. Again, here you must be party registered, and it is too late to register at this time.

Anyway, if only they were really parties, like the having fun kind, not scratching our heads kind, although that was unfair my side is not that way... and yep I am again on the fence, but I can say this much either B or H gets my vote, get me? Whomever wins the nomination, of course, since I have to wait till November.

On this note of what, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy healthy safe good night and ask you all to count all your blessings and share all your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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