Completing tasks... this ripe ole age it should be a given.
But sadly it isn't always in a timely fashion; eventually though just not as soon as expected, ya know?
Today for instance I did a dark load of wash and Hubby put it into the dryer and there it still is.
Awful, hmm? I see wrinkles in my future, other than on me, uh oh and ha! More drying with a splash of water and voila, wrinkle free! Too bad we cannot get rid of ours as easily, hmm?

Today, after badgering a "nice person", a college professor, author and editor and with so many other important titles that have left my memory at this particular moment in time and that I do like her and respect her, but her post for her course caused me to debate her on a topic that was actually my opposing lifestyle more than most people's.
Her teaching career is now also making money from her personal experience, which in this case I felt was common sense, but is her field of study or research and sharing all of it for a fee.

I feel that so many things in life should be considered that most people do know, and assuming otherwise is somewhat insulting and if you truly have anything worth sharing that it should be free!
So I goaded her into a debate with me feeling and that teaching people what I really believe they should have been taught as children, by responsible adults, parents coming to mind, and assuming otherwise was somewhat dishonest. I even suggested it reminded me of the Orange Frothy Haired Guy claiming that he loves the poorly educated. (With the unspoken part of that suggesting because those people he can take advantage of...due to lack of knowledge.)
Well, we all know me, give me a brilliant person to argue with and I will.
Proving once again that I am not that smart, duh!
I suppose I needed a refresher course on that one about me, hmm?

And so I do not know now why I had to retreat to my bed earlier today than usual with a severe bellyache perhaps due to eating my leftover ziti for lunch, which I make the light way with low fat and fat free cheeses, heart smart sauce and lean beef and onions, garlic and mushrooms with oregano and basil added. A side salad and a slice of toast turned into garlic bread.

I had taken the Nexium already but had added in the Pepcid Complete as I had been told, still no help.
Moist heat packs front and back since this pain went straight through.
Supper was soup and crackers consequently, again as per Hubby though on a bed tray.

I suppose my lunch choice was a bit too much, but breakfast had been oatmeal with honey and cinnamon the old fashioned longer taking to cook oats, in a pot on the stove, Hubby made it this morning, we do take turns for all meals usually. I owe him a few.

So Maybe, just maybe conflict also irritates my tummy?
Probably guilt, regret, yup.
Who knows why I do these things, and my last name isn't even Orange Haired Frothy Guy!

Oh my!

On this note of an enormous realization of another flaw in my character, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy healthy safe good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all those overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

PS I did like Trainwreck in spite of the two naked male butts which were healthy looking and all the F words, which I believe weren't really needed.

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