A Day of Ups, yep mostly Ups and a wee bit of Downs

So far all I can say is what is vague.
But someone near and dear to me got one set of test results back that were pretty darn good, but there are more tests to come; stay tuned and perhaps I will be allowed to relay more info. and to whom I am referring.
We had gone out today and since we had coupons for the restaurant, after getting gas at our local Sam's Club pumps for $1.63.9 a gallon, topping off our tank for a mere fourteen bucks we went over to Ruby Tuesdays in our local Town Center Mall. Hubby wanted to find a new watch band, but no luck there, checking their kiosks.
Hubby had babyback ribs, half a rack with fries and onion rings and I had believe it or not lobster tails(2) for a mere $7.99 and their open salad bar for an additional $2.99!
They have on their menu a sirloin steak and lobster tail, typical surf and turf, with two sides on their menu for $22 something, so I asked about just the lobster tails and voila I got a great deal, in my opinion!
Get this we also had one of those coupons with $5 off and for those really nice meals it came to just over $22+ for both including tax, but not tip!
But I have been having nasty spasms on and off all day long most likely due to  temperatures fluctuating I suppose to going in and out of buildings I suspect.

We really can't complain too much for about access to great eats.
Hubby and I decided on just soup for dinner, but instead of me trying to make my homemade brews with the way that I feel, he went out and over a just few blocks away to PC's seafood restaurant, and picked up lobster bisques, two bowls for the two of us! No muss no fuss, best no dishes!

Lazy days...summer year round here even without the eighties temperatures!

So here I lie on my bed, again, with paddle fan above me turning rhythmatically.
Although, when first coming into the room Hubby put the air-conditioning on lower to cool me down and then I got cold later on so he turned the heat on...DAMN MY THERMOSTAT IS BROKEN! Back on with the fan, now just right.

Oh well!

On this note of things could be worse, and believe me they have been... allow me now to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy healthy safe good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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