Right this minute ...

...our weather is cooler, highs only in the high sixties, around seventy, but less active, and a bit breezy, less tomorrow, and nice and dry!
By Monday and Tuesday back near eighty, yay!
Although, we have been informed this nasty weather of tornadic quality will be coming through on and off over the next eight weeks, due to El Nino!
Let's count, today is February 25th, so approximately till April 21st and then we will have a lull of about five/six weeks till June first when our official rainy/ hurricane season begins, ending officially on November thirtieth!
Who stole my paradise?????????????????????????

Cleanup from those tornadoes that hit in my county of Charlotte County Florida and left over fifty homes with major damage, including eleven totally uninhabitable had begun as of right after, yesterday!
Red Cross, emergency crews and utility companies as well as insurance companies and the media, of course are all there.
Rubber necks stay away! Nasty and upsetting for all going through the trauma, watch the TV instead please.

Moving on...

After yesterday's frightening day of worrisome time, of hours, fortunately for us was more an act of preparations than actual action.
Knowing what to do is a great idea for all natural disasters, so we had a dry run.
Tornadoes, in my opinion are the worst since being made ready is a momentary thing compared to days for knowing your fate with many hurricanes, except of course Charley, which made a last minute right turn a hundred miles south of where it had been expected to go!

Thanks to both Hubby and myself being scouts and him being a fire chief and deputy and trained in emergency management since 1984 back in NJ and then being part of the First In Team, first in after disaster strikes, here in Florida as a deputy we have been through many hands on experiences too.

You would think you would worry less, well Hubby does, but I still worry about the when to do, so I become a fanatic with keeping the TV on and look at all my apps on the phone with the weather channel, weather bug, and local affiliates and weather underground; some might say excessive, well yeah! Actually, I feel better informed and capable knowing where we stand.

Any-who, as many might think that you get used to this and no you don't and if you ever do then you will be in trouble due to apathy!
But Hubby just acts and doesn't worry, he's my happy medium.
Although that can get annoying when you worry and he says don't.

On that note of be happy don't worry, self talk, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy healthy safe good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and to share all your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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