Mckinsey Comp 1- 212-446-7786

Have any of you received phone calls from the caller ID above with the area code of Manhattan NYC?
Its a tech service that has been badgering me with phone calls for years saying that I requested their help with my computer, all lies. 
It is not the distinguished company called Mckinsey Company the landline phone number is actually Teleport Communications America, a company notoriously known for harassment and threatening people! (PS there is also another Teleport Communications America that appears to be legit, how they utilize their name and find the way to use  Mckinsey Comp with the landline phone number of 1-212-446-7786 to show up on my caller ID is a computer parlor trick I do not know how to do!  PS I checked reverse phone number lookup as well each companies name!)

They appear to continue to take over computers in spite of 
the best anti-virus systems.
Three times tonight I began to write and my words were erased, not by me this time or by my hitting "enter". Even my title that I was nowhere near was also erased!

I am posting now before it happens again!
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