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Happy New Year Folks! Day what????

Just a little video of noise that many might find consistent with tonight's festivities decibel level... kidding or not!

Actually, I tried and tried for our newest arrival to talk him into dressing like Baby New Year, but he outright refused; and the snippet of his opinionated reaction to many things is not unlike his Mom's, new concepts are not always the best unless I/we are allowed to complain about them before acceptance takes hold, hmm?

Moving on...

This new year looks to be one of another mystery yet to be resolved, as all its predecessors. Weather has not been this past years' as newsworthy as ever before, since the last few horrific hurricane seasons up north and out west and around the world...But oddly enough not here in Florida, we have had ten good years and with that said insurance companies are realizing that with that they are required to lower their rates, YAY, HOORAY, ETC., ETC., ETC.!

Murders have been way too prevalent this year worldwide and way too close t…

This is becoming "Gus Tales"! Or is that tails?


When you're a pup with a new home... what a difference a day or two makes!

Four legged children not unlike two legged ones are usually fairly quick to adapt to new situations if given half a chance, which almost was Gus's new name, since we considered something that meant he was getting, second chance, but we nixed it. Nothing was able to be found for a consolidated name that meant that that we could find, and Chance sounded well chancy, if you get my drift... .I don't know if it will last but you know that behavior problem with barking and growling when we were preparing food or eating has disappeared. We were told he was to be fed only a cup and a third of his food a day, but he would suck it up in seconds and still be so hungry and so I did feed him more than that, and yes it was according to his weight, but as you can see he is too thin, so we fed him a cup for breakfast today, and one for lunch and another for dinner, all sucked up in immediacy, but with much finer temperament. With our past dogs and cats we left food out all of the time since w…

Day two with our new family member, Gus.

I had forgotten to tell all of you a little about what we were told about Gaston’s previous life; he was somewhat of a street urchin in his vagabond days prior to being caught by animal control.
First of all he is not local, he is from Collier County, where Naples and Marco Island are, and they could not find a microchip on him so he was micro-chipped while there, and shaved due to severe matting so bad his left eye could not be seen, and at first they foolishly thought he was a six year old, which the veterinarian in Arcadia in Desoto County later determined to be false, according to his teeth and other markers of how they tell such things…they dated his birth date as June 4, 2013!
Gaston was determined to be mostly Havanese with some Shih Tzu in him, which are two very nice combos in the doggie world.
Both are non-allergic and non-shedders much like Bichon Frise.
In fact if you would like to know where Havanese originated from it would be Havana Cuba, and mainly the information has the: …

Sorry sooooooooooo late

But we had to go and pick up our newest member of the family... are you ready? Gaston no more, due to after some research we found out that Gaston in German means stranger and he is a stranger no more!

He is our GUS!

More tomorrow...of the new tails/tales of Gus!

Sarasota Florida's St. Armand Circle!

Today we went for a ride with a specific destination in mind. So we put the info into the Garmin GPS in our new ride Connie our 2015 Dodge Caravan in Cashmere (color, I jest you not), since it had been years since we had been to this particular place, exit 210 on I-75. In my never ending search to find HAPPY we succeed often!

Merry Happy Christmas!

“The alternative "Happy Christmas" gained wide usage in the late 19th century, and is still common in the United Kingdom and Ireland. One reason may be the alternative meaning, still current there, of "merry" as "tipsy" or "drunk". Queen Elizabeth II is said to prefer "Happy Christmas" for this reason[3]. In American poet Clement Moore's "A Visit from St. Nicholas" (1823), the final line, originally written as "Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night", has been changed in many editions to "Merry Christmas to all", perhaps indicating the relative popularity of the phrases in the United States.”
 Thanks to:

Is it only me or you too that wondered why some say Happy Christmas or Merry Christmas? Now we all know, hmm?

Between opening presents and eating all that fo…

Ah... Christmas Eve in Florida!

The day started out at a balmy seventy-one degrees Fahrenheit, ahhhhhhh Christmas in Florida …slowly that morning temperature rose to a not too uncomfortable eighty-one…Ahhh Christmas in Florida.
But to be fair the sky all day has the appearance of a storm coming in, but not a snow one a rain one, since it has never ever snowed here that I am aware of, i.e. here in South West Florida, yes up north of here within this state we have had frost and I do believe I once heard them say it flurried!

Sure with the sky so white, with clouds, the feeling was of this wintry holiday for sure it was, but more importantly our temperatures will be plummeting to a frosty seventy-four in the morrow! Oh Yeah tomorrow will be the day!

On that note I will now leave you all to a quote of ancient significance that gives thrills to the teeniest of tots…

“'Twas the Night Before Christmas
or Account of a Visit from St. Nichola…

Speaking my mind at times is...

…a challenge. These days because my mind comes and goes at will. I know. Sadly, as my body appears to be getting stronger with my weekly exercising and walking, walking, walking whenever we go out, my mind has sadly staccato via word issues and names to remember after just being told two seconds before, scary. It is supposed also a symptom of my age as well as Multiple Sclerosis, so I am sunk. I even asked Hubby if any of my doctors mentioned I might have the beginnings of Alzheimer’s, my mother’s sister had had it, my aunt, and he said no, I think. Ha, I actually do not recall, how odd and not at all funny.
Any-who, while I sit here nightly and really do not know most nights what I will be writing when we have not gone anywhere like today…ideas do enter this noggin of mine just like that, which at times amazes me, in case you were wondering I snapped my fingers and that is what “just like that” was, metaphorically, is there such a thing?
Anyway, I so enjoy doing this and it is the one thing…

What we need for a smooth working world...

Rules of the road for our world to work cohesively together forever:

1.LOVE shall be for everyone, note: not the sex part, the emotional caring part, got it? Sex is for two consenting adults that know that’s what they want when not too tired or involved with someone else in their recent vicinity, although look at number 3 rule.
2.Understanding to all things not understood previously, take a class if necessary.
3.Acceptance of all people, except the ones who might harm you, ask them kindly to take a class on kindness…
4.Fear no more anything different except of heights, flying, animals that have large teeth that growl and ones that give you a dirty look, etc.
5.Forgiveness shall be rampant and forgetfulness as well shall be for any and all untoward deeds.
6.Be willing to change from negativity to positivity and back and forth once again if you so desire, who has the right to tell you what to do, really?
7.Get help for people suffering; no one should be allowed to be miserable when you try to …

A quaint old rodeo town with antique shops and an old fashioned luncheonette...Arcadia Florida.

If you drive down some roads in Desota County it may feel as if you have been transported in time to a pre-historic time frame with all those lush trees dynamically dripping  Spanish moss eerily.But alas this is not the entree to Arcadia, sadly and significantly the road to Arcadia is splattered with homes that seem to be throw backs from the Grapes of Wrath era of a severe time during the first great depression. Poverty is still all to evident in this time travel town that has made many valiant effort to return from the same Hurricane Charley of 8-13-04  a Friday, notoriety of disrepute that I have mentioned too many times to count... their recovery has been slower, much, much slower; although from the pics I am displaying here tonight you can see it has retained that all important feel of its may be slower due to not getting their Federal Fair share after all was said and done, one of the shop owners complained to me. But I must admit from the last time we were there p…