Friday, November 23, 2018

Punta Gorda, Florida again! We must go more often, really!

                                    We had a fine late morning early afternoon along Harborwalk!

                                                              A truly beautiful day!

Somehow this one picture below is up-side-down, makes no sense how that happened when all the others are fine!
Yes, our in  house Princess Bella and I were there too, but today were the beautiful men pictured only!

Oh, I did something foolish I had put my phone on the arm of my ride that I do do regularly, and what I usually do is hang my pocketbook strap across it and it is handy for my picture taking. Somehow I forgot to put it back into my purse when I raised my ride to swing myself via a strap into my car seat, and in between Hubby putting my ride into the rear of our van via its manual ramp it fell off onto the handicap parking spot's extended painted side. We were at Hurricane Charley's, the restaurant, named for that horrid experience, in their parking lot a block away where we had ordered take out lobster roll and lobster soup and Cole Slaw for Hubby and Cajun Jambalaya for me! Hubby was inside picking up our lunches when I realized that my phone was nowhere to be found in the car, I had him call it again and again, and so he did as we drove back to Gilchrist Park where we had been parked for the Harborwalk! He got out and called it all over where we had been. Until finally a man answered, and Hubby asked where he was. He had picked it up in the area I mentioned above he took it with him he was trying to protect it from being driven over and he was looking for a place to turn it in to, so he told Hubby!
He was now at the first pictured pavilion, third picture down, Hubby met him there.
The man was our age and told Hubby he had no idea how to answer it or use it, huh?
Anyway, apparently Hubby being a retired cop did not believe him, and so he just brought the phone back to me.
I suppose he thanked him, Hubby never said, he was annoyed with me, and said I need one of those hang around your neck phone holders that he saw other people in wheelchairs use.

Happy good night all!

Count your blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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