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Moving on...

Today would have been my niece Arlene Terry Moss Bernstein (I think) birthday. She would have been sixty-three a pretty nice age if she hadn't passed away from colon cancer thirteen days before her birthday twelve years ago on October 13th, a Friday in 2006! Yes, thirteen days before her fifty-first birthday. She was just a little more than five years younger than me. Her Dad, my brother Dan had a different father than me, my Mom's first husband was a musician and had a roving eye, he was a philanderer and had been married when all was said and done five times, so they had divorced when my Mom had been so young all those years ago. She was twenty when she had Dan, eighteen when she married that first time. Dan was nineteen years older than me and Arlene was born when he was twenty-four. I was an aunt at five, and my kindergarten teacher thought I was telling a lie, so she had called my Mom who confirmed that I was indeed an aunt! He, Dan, had been in the Air Force as a Medic in the Korean War at the age of nineteen, stationed in Seoul South Korea when the war began. He was on the front lines retrieving injured soldiers when he was handed blood to transfuse an injured man and the blood was tainted and that soldier died as he helplessly watched. He had what later on would be a form of PTSD and was in and out of VA hospitals for the rest of his life. He passed away also in 2006 in August, close to his seventy-fifth birthday of a stroke, like my Mom and Dad had, in a VA hospital in South Orange NJ. Arlene took care of all that.

We had lost touch, and the day she died I never knew, but ironically it was the first time since diagnosed with my MS that I had been told that same day of her death that my Multiple Sclerosis that it was stable as per my MRIs.
From childhood Arlene was brilliant, although she was a late talker. Asked later on why she took so long to talk, she said that she just had nothing to say! HA!
She was great at puzzles and that Rubik's cube she did instantaneously, she took a gap year after high school graduation that I was afraid that she wouldn't go back to school for college, but she did and graduated from the University of North Carolina with a degree in physics, and for twenty plus years she worked for GE, General Electric's Aero Space Division and she did trouble shooting all over the world for them! And after that she went for her MBA, and worked in the pharmaceutical industry for Pfizer. She married late, when she was sick, we never met him; my reason of not being sure of her last name. Sadly, due to moving and having an unlisted number, us, and her moving many times too that is why I was unaware of her death, until I had sent her a letter about that site that tells you have money coming to you that her name was on the list, snail mail and it had been returned with those horrific initials for when the intended person for delivery of such mail is deceased! I finally checked to see if her mother was alive and she was so I called her! My brother and she had been either estranged or divorced  for years and years. I was in shock! And Flora, her mother, verified her death and filled in the details this was nearly two years to the day after that she had died! I was devastated that this had happened, her death, my brother's death and for two years no one informed me and I had lost contact for that long!
Do not ever let this happen to you!

Below is an odd picture of Arlene wearing a T-Shirt from one of her favorite places to go Kennedy Space Center here in Florida. I do believe she was in her thirties in that picture and had become a rather goofy lovable nerd! When we lived on the other coast in Ormond Beach she visited often since GE had a branch in Daytona next door to Ormond Beach! I sort of took that picture out of my collage frame, but then when I took its picture I placed it back on the frame, oops!
Below she was just fifteen when we got married, but she flew in from her home in North Carolina and was one of my bridesmaids! She is in between Hubby's sister attractive Diane next to me, the bride, she was my maid of honor, Diane my sister-in-law, and Desrie, my best friend at the time and who is that very pretty blond on the end and to her left side, Arlene is the cute brunette in the middle!
When she was younger she followed us around like our little sis, and to me she had been!

Happy good night all!

Count those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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