Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Up and down wild ride sort of day!

Hi XXXXXXX!(Claims representative at Tower Hill, who was being quite helpful)

"I am trying to get a hold of XXXXX XXXXXX, since she is the underwriter that gave us the October 1, 2018 deadline to get our roof repaired or we will be cancelled by Tower Hill. We are paid up till December 31, 2018. Saying since we received the check on November 28, 2017, at the time I had called three roofers that said it will be months till they could do anything, and our roof was not damaged in our estimations, even look at the pictures you sent after closer observation what we are seeing is dirt, not damage. Our solar panels have been gone for years and did not come off due to Irma. I do understand that now we are in this unbelievable situation due to FEMA telling us to contact you in order to be reimbursed for our hotel accommodations,and depositing your check that we never spent!We did call to try to give it back but all of you just want us to replace the roof! We lost so much fourteen years ago from Hurricane Charley so we do know what real damage is. And all those other people needed their roofs repaired more so than ours... that till this day still DOES NOT LEAK! In spite of all that we finally agreed, since we were given no other choice, to get it replaced and signed a contract with a ten per cent deposit on July 31, 2018, as told by our insurance company to do, and even the roofing company said that will be alright as long as they do know it will be replaced! But the problem is that they originally told us it would take 25- 30 weeks, and now we are down to about 24 weeks, but still  not meeting that deadline. We are senior citizens and have been living in this home going on twenty years, the longest of the five homes that we have owned in forty-seven years of our marriage!
We do not want to jeopardize our home ownership. We have never been late with any payments, and continually feel that this is our forever home, since it truly is, we are so frustrated by all this, and worry what to do. According to XXXX in our local XXXXXXX XXXXXX State Farm office in Port Charlotte Florida she already had asked for an extension, but she never mentioned it to us.    
Any other suggestions or if you could forward this to XXXXX XXXXXX our underwriter that might help and at this point would be our only hope to resolve this."

Now after all that and me having many near nervous breakdowns during the day, but logically working on the problem all day long.
That above email was sent to Tower Hill claims as well as our State Farm agency owner.
After that I called our county building department and they gave me the phone number to the  Charlotte DeSoto County Builders Association and from them I received licensed and insured six roofers names and phone numbers via email, and so I called all except one since that one was our roofer who I had left two messages with pleading with them to try to get us done earlier, before our deadline was up! I felt the hypocrisy from my not long ago concern for everyone who needed their roofs repaired and replaced due to ACTUAL DAMAGE, and not just due to our dirty roof!
My change of heart can only be blamed on the threat of cancellation!
It makes people who feel they are righteous in any particular situation fold when they are backed up against a wall or into a corner, as we felt earlier today! Most though would not fold... I feel badly about what I feel/felt I had to do.

Anyway, two roofers' receptionists after hearing our personal story how we got to this point they appeared to take pity on me, and said they would talk to their bosses who had roofs schedules for the next two to three months already, but said they would try to see if they could fit us in!
Meanwhile, our own roofer's, Billy Kimberlin, scheduler, Carolyn, finally responded to my messages, and cheerfully called back and said that they would be able to get it done before our deadline!
Just after that Tower Hill's customer's service called and I told them and asked now who do I tell, she said State Farm and so I did... it turns out besides my own pleading two messages to our roofer's scheduler, Carolyn, the owner of State Farm's local agency Patrice Weston also called and spoke on our behalf to our roofer, and apparently that cinched the deal!
Another nasty experience diverted due to being proactive, and most of all not giving up!

Happy good night all!

Count all your blessings and we will too! (Yep another.)

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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